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Video by Die Ärzte
Released November 22, 1999 (VHS)
October 22, 2000 (DVD)
Genre Punk rock
Length VHS:89 min
DVD:167 min
Label Hot Action Records
Producer Die Ärzte
Die Ärzte chronology
Noch mehr gefangen im Schattenreich von Die Ärzte
Unplugged - Rock'n'Roll Realschule
Die Ärzte albums chronology
Satanische Pferde
Runter mit den Spendierhosen, Unsichtbarer!
"Killer (DVD)"

Killer is the sixth music-VHS and the first music-DVD by the Berlin punk rock band Die Ärzte. The 2009 DVD "Overkiller" is an expansion of that. The video is a Videoclip-accumulation.

Content of Killer[edit]

When the DVD starts, you fly through the following cities:

Below the cities stands: Das ist nicht ... (This is not ...). At the end you fly to the stage (Main menu) then it says: Das ist Die Beste Band der Welt (This is the best band of the world).

The menu is divided into two parts:

  • Backstage
  • Videography

Backstage you'll be greeted by Bela B., in the videography by Farin Urlaub.

The backstage is a spaceship, five buttons link:

  • A Televisor → Plays a video-mix of:
    • music-videos and making ofs with comments
    • advertising affiliated by Bela B., Farin Urlaub and Rodrigo González
    • six episodes of "Die Ärzte spielen Serienklassiker"
  • A star on the televisior → Plays the making of and the credits of the DVD
  • A cabinet under the televisor → Plays the special video Wie es geht
  • A glass ball down in the right → Plays 17 scenes of "Die Ärzte WG"
  • A digital clock right at the top → Plays the best scenes of "Gefangen im Schattenreich von Die Ärzte"

A woman introduces each album and the music-videos on the albums. On the video are all music videos from 1993 up to 1999.

Music videos[edit]

  1. Quark
  2. Schrei nach Liebe
  3. Mach die Augen zu
  4. Friedenspanzer
  5. Schunder-Song
  6. Hurra
  7. Rod ♥ You
  8. 3-Tage-Bart
  9. Mein Baby war beim Frisör
  10. Männer sind Schweine
  11. Goldenes Handwerk
  12. 1/2 Lovesong
  13. Rebell
  14. Elke (live)
  • Special: A karaoke version of the song "Dauerwelle vs. Minipli" in variant languages

Song information[edit]


Video by Die Ärzte
Released December 4, 2009
Genre Punk rock
Label Hot Action Records
Producer Die Ärzte
Die Ärzte chronology
Die Beste Band der Welt (...und zwar live)
Die Ärzte albums chronology
Jazz ist anders

Overkiller is the sixth DVD by the Berlin punk rock band Die Ärzte. "Overkiller" is the expansion of "Killer". On the DVD are all musicvideos from 2000 up to 2009.

Music videos[edit]

  1. Wie es geht (3:41)
  2. Manchmal haben Frauen... (4:47)
  3. Yoko Ono (0:48)
  4. Rock'n'Roll-Übermensch (3:55)
  5. Komm zurück (unplugged) (3:31)
  6. Die Banane (unplugged) (5:00)
  7. Schlaflied (unplugged) (4:27)
  8. Monsterparty (unplugged) (3:37)
  9. Unrockbar (4:33)
  10. Dinge von denen (4:41)
  11. Nichts in der Welt (3:48)
  12. Deine Schuld (3:55)
  13. Die klügsten Männer der Welt (4:14)
  14. Junge (3:37)1
  15. Lied vom Scheitern (3:38)
  16. Lasse redn (2:48)
  17. PerfektBreitHimmelblau (10:08)


  • Aussteiger I (0:26)
  • Aussteiger II (0:14)
  • Aussteiger III (0:33)
  • Fakevideo Bela – "Medusa-Man (Serienmörder Ralf)" (5:58)
  • Fakevideo Farin – "System" (2:46)
  • Fakevideo Rod – "Paul" (3:09)
  • Rod Multiangle zu Samuel L. ... (1:39)
  • Samuel L. Bronkowitz präsentiert... (13:14)2

Music videos in other versions:

Making ofs:

Live videos:

1 This is the censored video; the uncensored video of Junge is not on this DVD, but you can download it via a code included on a card packaged in the release.
2 This is an old video of a concert by Soilent Grün and the making of Teenager Liebe.
3 The official music video without Bela B..
4 The official music video; down in the left is an interpreter. He is talking sign language.
5 The three music videos in split screen.
6 The official music video with the storyboard under the video.
7 Performed live at the Jazzfäst-tour in Berlin July 12, 2008.


FSK is a German motion picture rating system which defines minimum ages for videos.

FSK 6[edit]

FSK 12[edit]

FSK 16[edit]

All other videos are without "FSK".

Song information[edit]