Killer B's (Houston Astros)

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Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio were the core of the "Killer B's

The Killer B's were players on the Houston Astros whose surnames started with the letter B.


The name "Killer B's" was first used on March 31, 1996, when it referenced Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, Sean Berry, and Derek Bell. The name carried on for several years even after Berry and Bell's departure coinciding with Lance Berkman's arrival in 1999. Although there were several other "Killer B's," the core players were either Biggio–Bagwell–Bell or Biggio–Bagwell–Berkman. In Wins Above Replacement, the Biggio–Bagwell–Bell trio are among the all-time best trios with the same letter in their last names.[1]

Killer B's in chronological order[edit]

Starting with Bell's arrival, here are the Killer B's in chronological order:


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