Killer Company

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Killer Company
Killer Company - James Hardie Exposed (book cover).jpg
First edition cover
Author Matt Peacock
Country Australia
Language English
Subject James Hardie Industries use of asbestos
Genre Non-fiction
Publisher ABC Books
Publication date
Media type Print, e-book
ISBN 978-0733325809

Killer Company: James Hardie Exposed is a 2009 Australian book by journalist Matt Peacock.


The book documents how the use of harmful asbestos fibre in building materials produced by James Hardie Industries "led to the deaths of thousands of workers and customers, who were never informed of the dangers".[1] The book opens with the story of Bernie Banton, former James Hardie employee, who suffered from asbestos-induced fibrosis and later died.[1]

According to Peacock, James Hardie Industries circumvented the rules and regulations designed to protect the community from serious health hazards.[1] Peacock states that "Hardie embarked on a cold, calculated strategy to maximise profits, minimise compensation and conceal the culprits".[2]


Killer Company was a finalist for the Walkley non-fiction book of the year in 2009.[1]


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