Killer Darts

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Killer Darts
Killer Darts.JPG
DVD cover art
MandarinZhuī Hún Biāo
Directed byHo Meng Hua
Produced byRun Run Shaw
Written byTu Yun-chih
StarringYueh Hua
Chin Ping
Chang Pei-shan
Ma Ying
Fang Mian
Music byStanley Chow
CinematographyLam Gwok-cheung
Edited byChiang Hsing-lung
Distributed byShaw Brothers Studio
Release date
  • 9 May 1968 (1968-05-09)
Running time
84 minutes
CountryHong Kong

Killer Darts is a 1968 Hong Kong wuxia film produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio and starring Yueh Hua and Chin Ping.


Liu Wen-lung's home is attacked by bandits led by Chou Chao. Liu's wife was killed, but his son Yu-long was saved by a faithful servant by hiding in a well. While tracking down the bandit, his disciple Hu Chi-feng attempted to rape a villager. Liu Wen-lung discovers the attempt and Hu escaped, but not before killing his victim with a killer dart stolen from Liu. Liu Wen-lung adopted Yu-sien, the orphaned daughter of the victim, and raised her together with his son, settling down and giving up the pursuit of vengeance.

Yu-long and Yu-sien grew up together and fell in love. However, Yu-sien ran into Hu Chi-feng, who led her to believe from the dart on her mother's body that it was Liu Wen-lung who killed her family.


  • Chin Ping as Jin Yu-sien
  • Yueh Hua as Liu Yu-long
  • Fang Mian as Liu Wen-lung
  • Shen Yi as Lin Heung-kam
  • Pang Pang as Ah-fu
  • Cheung Pooi-Saan as Hu Chi-feng
  • Ma Ying as Chou Chao, the Evil One
  • Tang Ti as Ji Nang
  • Ngai Ping-ngo as The Flier / Light Footed Hero
  • Cheung Yuk-kam as Hu's bandit lover
  • Woo Tung as Master Lin, Kam's father
  • Siu Lam-wun as Xiao Li, Yu-sien's father
  • Wong Siu-man as Young Yu-sien
  • On Wai-lin as Young Yu-long
  • Ku Feng as Diu Jun, Panda Tiger
  • Han Ying-chieh as Diu Jung-Long, Green Faced Tiger
  • Lau Gong as Diu Sok-biu, Flying Tiger
  • Dean Shek as Tung Kung-Long, Eerie Scholar
  • Siu Gam as Nang's tall bandit
  • Man Sau as Master Lin's wife
  • Lui Hung as Liu Wen-lung's wife
  • Cheung Hei as Lo San
  • Hao Li-jen as villager
  • Nam Wai-lit as bandit
  • Cham Siu-hung as bandit
  • Little Unicorn as bandit
  • Kwan Yan as bandit
  • Yee Kwan as bandit
  • Goo Chim-hung as bandit
  • Simon Chui as bandit
  • Kei Ho-chiu as Master Lin's servant

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