Killer Dwarfs

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Killer Dwarfs
Origin Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Genres Heavy metal, hard rock, glam metal
Years active 1981 – present
Members Russ Graham
Darrell Millar
Gerry Finn
Johnny Fenton
Past members Ange Fodero
Bryce Trewin
Mike Hall
Bad Ronbo Mayer

Killer Dwarfs (stylized as KiLLeR DWaRfS) are a Canadian heavy metal band who formed in late 1981 in Oshawa, Ontario, and who enjoyed moderate success in their native Canada in the 1980s. Known for their offbeat sense of humor (all band members adopted the surname "Dwarf"), they were nominated for two Juno Awards during their career. Though not British, they were sometimes compared to NWOBHM acts such as Iron Maiden and Saxon.[1]

The original lineup consisted of Russ Graham (vocals), and Darrell Millar (drums), along with Bryce Trewin (guitar) and Ange Fodero (bass.) Their debut album was nominated for a Juno Award and radio stations in the US started to play their album.

It took three years before another album was released, as Trewin and Fodero both left, to be replaced by Mike hall and Bad Ronbo Mayer. The band received much recognition in Canada and the United States during the 80's, and their videos were in regular rotation at MuchMusic and on the program Headbanger's Ball. Gerry Finn replaced Hall in 1992. [2]


Studio albums[edit]

  • Killer Dwarfs - 1983, re-release 2002
  • Stand Tall - 1986, re-release 2003
  • Big Deal - 1988, re-release 2000, re-release 2012
  • Dirty Weapons - 1990, re-release 2000, re-release 2012
  • Method to the Madness - 1992
  • Start @ One -September 6, 2013

Live albums[edit]

  • Reunion of Scribes: Live 2001 - 2002

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