Killer Movie

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Killer Movie
Killer Movie film poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byJeff Fisher
Produced byCornelia Ryan Taylor
Michael Sanchez
Jeff Fisher
Russell Terlecki
Written byJeff Fisher
StarringPaul Wesley
Kaley Cuoco
Jason London
Al Santos
Cyia Batten
Leighton Meester
Torrey DeVitto
Music byTodd Haberman
Release date
  • April 24, 2008 (2008-04-24)
Running time
91 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$2,000,000 (estimated)[1]
Box office$14,324,342[citation needed]

Killer Movie (2008) is an American slasher comedy film released in the United States in on April 24, 2008. The film premiered during the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. It stars Paul Wesley, Kaley Cuoco, Jason London, Torrey DeVitto and Leighton Meester and was written and directed by Jeff Fisher. Killer Movie was produced by Cornelia Ryan Taylor, Michael Sanchez and Jeff Fisher.


Jake Tanner, a celebrity, travels to a small town to film a reality television show about the town's hockey team. However, town local Jaynie is soon murdered, being decapitated by a piece of wire hung up between two trees, but the murder is passed off as an accident. Jake meets with the show's producers, Lee and Phoebe, who now want to investigate the murder.

At the local high school, Jake meets show crew member Keir, who believes Jaynie was murdered and suspects the hockey teams coach, Coach Carhartt. Jake meets the rest of the crew, including Mike, Daphne, Luke and Greg; he also meets the team captain, Vance and head cheerleader Erin. Meanwhile, cheerleading coach Mrs Falls is murdered by a masked killer, who drags her into a circular saw. The crew interview Vance, who swears he will get vengeance on whoever murdered Jaynie.

Controversial celebrity Blanca Champion (Kaley Cuoco) soon arrives with her assistant Nik (Robert Buckley) to work on the show. The crew travel to meet Jaynie's father, Coach Hansen (Bruce Bohne), who recently was released from prison for the murder of his wife. Hansen becomes angered however, and forces the crew to leave. While back at the school, Connor (Jackson Bond) tells Jake that Jaynie's death was not an accident. That night, the crew go to a bar, and discover of Mrs Falls death, but again the locals pass the death off as an accident, before Coach Hansen turns up and warns the crew away from the town. The next day, Lee and Phoebe fall out as Lee is changing the show to center around the deaths of the locals. Nick is sent to Coach Hansen's house to retrieve equipment that was left there previously. On arrival, Nik finds a dead Coach Hansen in a plastic wrap with his throat slashed, before the killer butchers Nik with a pickaxe.

American actress Torrey DeVitto portrayed Phoebe Hilldale in the film

After Erin and Blanca have an argument, Blanca attempts to leave the town but realizes there is no signal for mobile phones in the town. After the crew film a hockey match, the crew go to the bar, but Luke remains behind to work out. He is attacked by the killer, who chops off his hand with a meat cleaver before finally hacking him to death. Daphne decides to leave the bar, but while on her way home she discovers Greg's car. She stops and investigates, only to find Greg being horribly decapitated. The killer then turns up and kidnaps her.

The next day, the remaining crew discover of their missing co-workers, causing arguments between the survivors. Lee goes down to the boiler room where she finds the killer is filming the murders using the aid of a lipstick camera. Before she can warn the others though, the killer hangs her with a chain. After more filming, Jake, Blanca and Keir go back to a cabin to find the others. However, they find footage of Daphne being captured. They go back to the school and drop Blanca off so she can contact help on a Cb radio, while Jake and Keir go to where Daphne was captured. Meanwhile, Phoebe is in a local shop when she is attacked by the killer. She hides until Coach Carhart arrives and the pair flee to the coaches car. As they are about to leave, the killer slices open the coaches throat while hiding in the back seat, while Phoebe flees to the school. The killer catches up with her though and strangles her to death.

Jake and Keir discover the killers lair in the forest, but as they are about to leave Jake steps on a bear trap, so Keir leaves for help. Back at the school, Blanca fails to get help from the radio but finds Connor down in the boiler room, who shows Blanca a video the killer has made devoted to her. As the pair are leaving the school, they discover Daphne's dead body. Blanca soon becomes locked in a room, but Connor escapes. Keir arrives, but the killer quickly knocks her out, before finding Blanca. She escapes the room through the vents, but is confronted by the killer who is revealed to be an obsessed Mike, who murdered everyone to be close to her. Keir attempts to save Blanca, but Mike stabs her; Mike then attempts to kill Blanca but Jake shows up and ends up shooting Mike three times in his chest with his shotgun, presumably killing him.

The next morning, the police arrive and put Mike's body in a body bag. Jake finds out Keir survived being stabbed; He tells her that Mike was an escaped mental patient who was obsessed with Blanca from the start, Jake walks up to Mike's body bag and soon finds out that Mike was wearing a bulletproof vest, the film then ends.


The cast and director attend the movie's premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.


The film originally had a release date in the summer of 2008. It was also released to Video One Demand in winter 2008. The film was released to a mixed critical reception.


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