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Origin France
Genres Heavy metal

Killers is a French traditional heavy metal group from Bardos, Pyrénées-Atlantiques and founded in 1983 by Bruno Dolheguy, while guitarist rhythm. Killers is one of the few French bands formed in the 1980s still active. Killers sing their songs in French but did one album with English lyrics in 2001 (Killing Games) (2001), which is an English-language version of their 2001 album Mauvaises Graines



Killers started a Speed metal band whose members included Bruno Dolheguy (rhythm guitar), Patrice LeCalvez (vocals), Didier Depoffe (guitars), Pierre Paul (bass)

Early years (1985–1986)[edit]

Killers released their debut album "Fils De La Haine" (Son Of Hate) 1985. released 1985 in France with original band members, witch features, songs Rosalind, Killers, Au Nom Du Rock'n' Roll and second album, Danger De Vie (Danger Of Life) 1986, released in France also with original members features, songs, Heavy Metal Kids, La Assassin, Délire De Mort, Bruno DOLHEGUY is the only "survivor" of KILLERS Mark 1... He used to play rhythm guitar in the early years (1984) when KILLERS was a five guys' band from Bayonne (famous city of the Basque country in the southern part of France, on the Atlantic coast, by the Spanish border). Bruno began to sing later. KILLERS recorded two Lps with the early line-up: "FILS DE LA HAINE" (1985), "DANGER DE VIE" (1986) but two years later the all band stopped KILLERS and Bruno DOLHEGUY decided to continue on his way with new pals.

New Killers 1987–1991[edit]

Killers decided to split and Bruno Dolheguy decided to continue, Two albums more were recorded with that a new crew: "MISE AUX POINGS" (1987) & "RESISTANCES" (1989). When the lead singer decided to stop musical activities, Bruno took his part, and during year 1991 KILLERS became a 4-member group definitively.

Killers 1992–1998[edit]

KILLERS recorded 3 studio-albums : "CITÉS INTERDITES" (1992), "CONTRE-COURANT" (1995), "FORT INTÉRIEUR" (1998) and a live album "ENNEMIS EN PUBLIC" (1996). After the release of "FORT INTÉRIEUR", Bruno DOLHEGUY decided that it was time to change the line-up, thinking a transfusion of fresh blood was necessary with the intention of keeping intact the passion of the group ... That's the reason why the monster is still alive and well ! KILLERS From 1999 up to 2000 More powerful than ever, 1999–2000 KILLERS recorded its ninth album "109" in 1999 then it has just released its latest French sung album just before the new millennium. This album's called "MAUVAISES GRAINES" (Bad seeds) and things seem to be O.K for the future 'cause reviews about it are excellent! After those three years with this line-up, Bruno DOLHEGUY is pretty sure that the current musicians can carry on together for a long time... Sensations are really great and the music of the group is more powerful than ever, and the band still got more and more fans! In 1999 KILLERS was in Wacken and it was a great experience to remember for the group... For many years KILLERS has done albums in French only but during spring 2001 the band released its first English sung record : " KILLING GAMES " Bruno DOLHEGUY took on a lyricist ( Xavier LORENTE, sleeve-designer of original artworks of "MAUVAISES GRAINES" and "KILLING GAMES") to turn this project real.

Bruno DOLHEGUY didn't want a perfect translation of the original French lyrics so they have adapted some melodies, tracks have different meanings and the result is great. ...all the more since XAVIER LORENTE has kept the original spirit and a certain ..."Killers' touch"! KILLERS also has changed the cover art-work. It did it so to avoid the confusion between the two latest albums. Of course musics are basically the same but lyrics aren't and most of arrangements are slightly different, "KILLING GAMES" ain't a "MAUVAISES GRAINES" xerox... consequently the English sung album had to be dressed with a totally brand new sleeve.

"KILLING GAMES" (first English sung album) A step forward to the international recognition


Killers still active

Current members[edit]

  • Bruno Dolheguy : guitars and vocals
  • Thierry Andrieu : guitars and choirs
  • Patrick Oliver : bass

Former members[edit]

  • Patrice LeCalvez (vocals) (Fils de la Haine, Danger de Vie)
  • Didier Deboffe (guitars) (Fils de la Haine, Danger de Vie)
  • Pierre Paul (bass) (Fils de la Haine, Danger de Vie)
  • Michel Camiade (battery) (Fils de la Haine, Danger de Vie)
  • Serge Pujos (vocals) (Mise aux poings, Résistances)
  • François Merle (guitares) (Mise aux poings, Résistances, Cités Interdites)
  • Miguel Caron (bass) (Mise aux poings)
  • Philippe Borda (battery) (Mise aux poings, Résistances)
  • René Chavin (bass) (Résistances)
  • David Pepiot (bass) (Cités Interdites)
  • Patrick Soria (battery) (Cités Interdites, Contre-Courant, Ennemis en public, Fort Intérieur)
  • Fabrice Arnouts (guitars) (Contre-Courant)
  • Alain Garcès (bass) (Contre-Courant, Ennemis en public, Fort Intérieur)
  • Ronan Jacques (guitars) (Ennemis en Public, Fort Intérieur)
  • Nicko Andrieu (battery, † 2001) (109, Mauvaises Graines, Killing Games)
  • Florent Pouey : battery
  • Carlo Di Matteo : battery


  • Fils de la Haine (1985)
  • Danger de Vie (1986)
  • Mise aux poings (1987)
  • Résistances (1989)
  • Cités Interdites (1992)
  • Contre-Courant (1995)
  • Ennemis en public (Live, 1997)
  • Fort Intérieur (1998)
  • 109 (1999)
  • Mauvaises Graines (2000)
  • Killing Games (2001)
  • Mise aux poings 2001 (2001)
  • Habemus Metal (2002)
  • Le côté Live (Live, 2003)
  • Documents 1999–2004 (DVD, 2004)
  • À L'ombre Des Vautours (2007)
  • Paris Metal France Festival 2008 (Live, 2008)
  • 10:10 2012 (2012)
  • Imido (2013)
  • Six pieds sur scène. Volume 1 (Live, 2014)
  • Six pieds sur scène. Volume 2 (Live, 2014)
  • Le baiser de la mor (2015)


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