Killiney Church

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Killiney Church
Nuns' Abbey
Cill Iníon Léinín
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Killiney Church is located in Dublin
Killiney Church
Killiney Church
53°15′17″N 6°06′59″W / 53.254717°N 6.116314°W / 53.254717; -6.116314Coordinates: 53°15′17″N 6°06′59″W / 53.254717°N 6.116314°W / 53.254717; -6.116314
LocationMarino Avenue West, Killiney, Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown
DenominationPre-Reformation Catholic
Founded11th century
Years built11th century
Length11.5 m (38 ft)
Width9 m (30 ft)

Killiney Church is an ancient church in County Dublin, Ireland.[1][2]


Killiney Church lies 240 m (790 ft) west of the coast, and 1.6 km (0.99 mi) south of Killiney Hill. In the modern day, this site is in the middle of housing developments, near Marino Avenue West.

The building[edit]

View of the entrance

A monastery stood on the site from the 6th–7th century. The name of the 6th century site was Cill Ingean Léinín ("Church of the Daughters of Léinín"). These were seven virgin sisters, Aiglenn, Macha, Luiden, Druiden, Luicill, Bimtach, and Briga; the last is also patron of Tully Church. Their brother was Colmán of Cloyne (Colmán mac Léníne; 530–606). Their festival was celebrated on March 6.[3]

The church was built in the 11th century.


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