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Photo by Tina Corhonen.

Killing Miranda were a British-based musical group initially playing gothic rock, later introducing more industrial and metal influence into their sound.


The band's initial line-up consisted of Richard Pyne (aka 'Filthy Rikky') on vocals and programming, Dave Irvine (aka 'Irish Dave') and Dave Turner (aka 'Alien Dave') on guitar, Chris Wareham (aka 'Big Chris') on bass and Belle on drums, programming and production. The band was formed in London in 1998 to perform material originally recorded and released by Richard Pyne as a solo project. This line-up then recorded and released their debut album Blessed Deviant on Nightbreed in 1999 and the subsequent Teenage Vampire single.

The second Killing Miranda album, Transgression By Numbers, was released in 2001. Chris Wareham left the line-up at this point, with Irish Dave moving from guitar to bass. The band then left the Nightbreed label after the release of this album, signing to Diesel Motor Records, who released their third and final Consummate in October 2004.

Killing Miranda performed in the UK, Mexico, Ireland, the Azores, Germany, and Austria including at the Eurorock and Wave-Gotik-Treffen festivals, and supported numerous acts including Christian Death, Mortiis, Front 242, The Mission UK, Queen Adreena, Paradise Lost and The Damned.

As of 27 July 2007, Killing Miranda is on 'permanent hiatus'. Former frontman Richard Pyne has since concentrated on his industrial project Uberbyte, whilst Belle has played with Rachel Stamp, Nosferatu, David Ryder-Prangley and the Witches, New Skin, Lahannya and (along with former Killing Miranda bandmate Chris Wareham) The Cureheads. In 2008 Alien Dave and Irish Dave went on to form Sterile Prophet, performing several well received shows to sell out crowds before joining Killing Miranda contemporaries The Faces Of Sarah who had also featured Chris Wareham.



  • Blessed Deviant (1999)
  • Transgression by Numbers (2001)
  • Consummate (2004) (Diesel Motor Records)

EPs and singles[edit]

  • Burn Sinister EP (1998)
  • "Teenage Vampire" single (2000)
  • "Enter the Dagon" single (free electronic release) (2004)
  • "I Know What You Want" single (free electronic release) (2005)

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