Killington Lake Services

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Killington Lake Services
Killington Lake Motorway Services.jpg
The main services building
Killington Lake Services is located in Cumbria
Killington Lake Services
Killington Lake Services (Cumbria)
County: Cumbria
Road: M6
Coordinates: 54°18′52″N 2°38′07″W / 54.314355°N 2.635263°W / 54.314355; -2.635263Coordinates: 54°18′52″N 2°38′07″W / 54.314355°N 2.635263°W / 54.314355; -2.635263
Operator: RoadChef
Date opened: 1972
Website: RoadChef

Killington Lake Services is a motorway service station on the M6 motorway between Junctions 37 and 36 near Killington Lake in Cumbria. It was opened in 1972.

It is owned by RoadChef. It comprises a BP petrol station, a Days Inn and a main facilities building with a Costa Coffee outlet and WH Smiths newsagents. A McDonald's restaurant opened here in March 2014. It is on accessible to southbound traffic only therefore to access the services while travelling north, it is necessary to continue up to Junction 37 and then come off, turn round, and head all the way back down. However, northbound traffic would normally use the northbound-only Burton-in-Kendal services ten miles to the south of Killington Lake Services.





  • BP
  • Ecotricity



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