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Kilmarnock Academy
Kilmarnock Academy complex.jpg
The Kilmarnock Academy complex in April 2015, showing the Old Building (far left), the New Building (center) and the New Technology Block (far right).
Motto Do Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly
Established 1630's (as Kilmarnock Burgh School)
1807 (current school, Kilmarnock Academy)
Type Comprehensive school
Headteacher David Rose (acting)
Depute Head Teacher Drew Howie
Darren Ramsay
Elaine Walker
Location 15 Elmbank Drive
East Ayrshire
Coordinates: 55°36′32″N 4°29′35″W / 55.609°N 4.493°W / 55.609; -4.493
Local authority East Ayrshire
Staff 50 (FTE)[1]
Students 572[1]
Gender Mixed
Ages 11–18
Houses Fleming, Burns, Scott, Dunlop, Wallace
Colours Maroon and gold
Publication The Goldberry, 1888-1954
Affiliated Schools Loanhead Primary School, Kirkstyle Primary, Hillhead Primary
Website Kilmarnock Academy

Kilmarnock Academy is a comprehensive school situated in central Kilmarnock, Scotland, with the current building being erected in 1807. The school its self can be traced back to the 1630s when it was known as 'Kilmarnock Burgh School'.[2] The schools operations are overseen by East Ayrshire Council who also provides funding for the school.

The school, until June 2015, was headed by Bryan Paterson until he left to become Head Teacher in Edinburgh.[3] Kilmarnock Academy will close in 2017 when it will merge with James Hamilton Academy in Kilmarnock.[4] It is suspected when the schools merge, the Kilmarnock Academy name will be phased out and replaced with either Deans Academy, New Farm Academy or Burns Academy - there has been public backlash as a result. The current head teacher is Mr. David Rose who became Head Teacher in June 2015 on an acting head teacher basis.[5]


Kilmarnock Academy is situated upon a hill in Elmbank Drive. Because of this, Kilmarnock Academy is a dominant building in the Kilmarnock skyline.

Until June 2015, the headteacher was Bryan Paterson, assisted by his Depute Headteachers G Kerr & E Walker.[6] Paterson assumed the role of headteacher in August 2011 after the retiral of Mrs Carole Ford. There will be an acting Head Teacher who will take up post in August 2015 until the school closes in June 2017 and merges with James Hamilton Academy.

History and building complex[edit]

The school consists of four parts. The 'old building', a listed building in use since 1898 and part of the initial Kilmarnock Academy; the 'new building,' a larger building opened in 1967 and connected to the old building by a link corridor; the Technical Extension which opened in 1997 and is now where the schools computing and music departments are situated, and the P.E. building, where the Physical Education department is situated. This is also rented out to groups such as a Tae Kwon Do club and local football teams. Next to the school is the "Old Tech," formerly Kilmarnock Technical School, which opened in 1910 as part of the Academy. It is also listed, but is no longer part of the school; it was closed in 1997 due to a reduction in student numbers, caused by a restructuring of educational resources in the area. The building remained closed, and reopened in 2006 as luxury housing, due to its prime location directly next to the Dick Institute, the town's primary library and museum, and the centre of town.

Within the art department of the school, there is a war memorial in memory of those who lost their lives in the First World War.[7]

It can trace its history back to the local burgh school founded in the 1630s and the first school to bear the name was established in 1807. In 1898 the school was moved to its current location and in the early 1900s the school acquired the Kilmarnock Technical School for its use. From 1945 it was a state co-educational grammar school. It became a comprehensive school in 1968 and fees were abolished for students attending Kilmarnock Academy in 1945 following World War II.[8] For the first time since opening, Kilmarnock Academy appointed its first woman Head Teacher, Carole Ford, who served in the position from 1997-2011.[8]


The following list is of rectors of Kilmarnock Academy.[9] In recent years, the term 'rector' has been phased out to introduce the title of 'Head Teacher'. Bryan Paterson was Head Teacher from August 2011 until June 2015, taking up the post of Head Teacher at Trinity Academy, Edinburgh.[3] The current Head Teacher is David Rose on an acting capacity. Carole Ford, head teacher from 1997-2011, was the first woman to serve the school as Head Teacher.[8]

  • William Thomson (1808-1830)
  • Alexander Harkness (1830-1851)
  • William Taylor (1851-1852)
  • Alexander Smith (1852-1869)
  • George Younger (1869-1873)
  • George Smith (1873-1876)
  • Hugh Dickie (1876-1904)
  • David Murray (1904-1907)
  • Dr James Clark (1907-1926)
  • Alexander Cumming (1926-1938)
  • Robert McIntyre (1938-1964)
  • James Hislop OBE (1964-1977)
  • Frank Donnelly (1977-1997)
  • Carole Ford (1997-2011)
  • Bryan Paterson (2011-2015)[3]
  • David Rose (2015–present)[5]

Notable former pupils[edit]

Alexander Fleming, inventor of penecilin, attended Kilmarnock Academy

Kilmarnock Academy is one of the few schools in the world to have educated two Nobel laureates: Alexander Fleming and John Boyd Orr.[10]

Notable alumni[edit]

Grammar school[edit]

Church of Scotland clergy[edit]

A number of alumni are Church of Scotland ministers who have held high office or are otherwise well-known church figures:


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