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Kilpi live at Tampere, Finland
Background information
Origin Turku, Finland
Genres Heavy Metal
Years active 2003–present
Members Tapio "Taage" Laiho
Petteri "Pete" Kilpi
Aleksi "Alba" Summe
Janne Laaksonen
Juha "Kukkis" Kukkola
Jussi "Juzzy" Kattelus
Past members Janne Karttila

Kilpi is a Finnish heavy metal band, singing in Finnish.

The band[edit]

"Kilpi" means shield in Finnish. It is the guitarist and band creator's last name, Petteri Kilpi. The band's first album, Sähkönsinistä Sinfoniaa, was released on May 28, 2003, some months after their first single, Nerokasta Ikävää.
On September 29, 2004, they released their second album, II Taso.
In 2006 they released the album Kaaoksen Kuningas, and two of its songs, "Toinen Minä" and "Katharsis" were proposed to Eurovision Song Contest 2006. The band lost out to Lordi, finishing sixth overall in the Finnish televoting with the song "Toinen Minä".
The band's first live-album Kaaos-Live was released in 2007.
The band's vocalist, Taage Laiho, was a member of the Finnish band Altaria.


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