Kilsfjord, Telemark

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Kragerø archipelago

Kilsfjord is a fjord in Kragerø municipality, Telemark county, Norway.

Kilsfjord is a continuation of Kragerøfjorden. Kilsfjord extends west from Tåtøy, an island in the archipelago just south of Kragerø. The area goes in a westerly direction and broadens further in. It then turns to the north and narrows sharply again, before ending at the village of Kil at the head of the fjord. [1]

The Kragerø River (Kragerøvassdraget) flows into the north eastern side of the fjord, about three miles west of Kragerøfjorden . Highway 351 follows the south side of the fjord.


Coordinates: 58°52′57″N 9°18′34″E / 58.8826°N 9.30954°E / 58.8826; 9.30954