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Kiltinan Castle [1] is a castle situated near Fethard, County Tipperary, Ireland.

History & Architecture[edit]

Kiltinan is one of the oldest inhabited castles in Ireland, having been built in the thirteenth century.[2][3] The Castle stands upon an eminence of limestone rock and overlooks the Clashawley River.

Apart from the architectural attraction of the castle itself, other interesting features include a fine example of a castellated gateway entrance at its main entrance, its dovecote (pigeon house) which dates from the fifteenth century, its Sheila-na-Gig stone, and its pet graveyard, which dates to the early twentieth century.[4]


Kiltinan Castle has played witness to many interesting occupants throughout its history.

The first known inhabitants were the Butler family, of the branch which held the title Baron Dunboyne, and it was held by them until the 17th century, during the Cromwellian invasion into Ireland when the castle was attacked by Cromwell on the 13th of February 1650.[2][5][6]

Following the bombardment, Kiltinan was extensively remodelled by the Cooke family in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.[7]

The castle was first established as a racehorse stud farm in 1918, when it was bought by Capt. F.J.B. De Sales La Terriere, M.F.H.[8] Although he was a British army officer, the castle was then a safe-house for the IRA during the Irish War of Independence and Kiltinan sometimes provided hospitality for British officers and fugitive rebels in turn. The captain's wife Joan de Sales La Terriere was a well-known horsewoman and socialite.

The stud farm which is attached to the castle is now run by the Andrew Lloyd Webber family.[9]


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