Kilwa Masoko

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Kilwa Masoko
Kilwa Masoko is located in Tanzania
Kilwa Masoko
Kilwa Masoko
Location in Tanzania
Coordinates: 8°56′0″S 39°30′45″E / 8.93333°S 39.51250°E / -8.93333; 39.51250Coordinates: 8°56′0″S 39°30′45″E / 8.93333°S 39.51250°E / -8.93333; 39.51250
Country  Tanzania
Region Lindi
District Kilwa
Time zone East Africa Time (UTC+3)

Kilwa Masoko is a port town on the Indian Ocean in southeastern Tanzania. It is located at around 8°56′0″S 39°30′45″E / 8.93333°S 39.51250°E / -8.93333; 39.51250. Kilwa Masoko is the current major town of Kilwa District and includes all the hotels in the area as well as a bustling market, beautiful beaches, small fishing communities and is the gateway to the ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani. On nearby Kilwa Kisiwani island there are ancient Swahili ruins which were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981.

The hotels in Masoko are spread along the coastline but there is a group close to town on JImbiza beach and the newer hotels are on the beautiful Masoko Pwani.

Tourist attractions[edit]

  • Explore the ruins of Kilwa Kisiwani, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Visit some of Tanzania's most beautiful beaches especially the coconut lined masoko pwani
  • Snorkel or dive on untouched virgin coral reefs and have a chance to see some of the rarer rays, whale sharks & dolphins
  • Explore the inland waterways and mangrove forests for hippos, crocs and the elusive dugong!
  • Feast on the Indian Ocean's greatest seafood - lobster, prawns, octopus, crab & calamari all caught fresh that day
  • Catch your own meal - either sport fishing or with a local fisherman teaching you authentic methods
  • Go further afield and visit the Selous Game Reserve - Tanzania's largest protected area
  • Visit Kilwa Kivinje - once the German administrative capital for the region and now a peaceful fishing village
  • Explore Masoko town a typical relaxed Tanzanian coastal town, filled with friendly people & a bustling market
  • Visit the KIYODEA Research Centre, a local NGO running volunteer experiences & scientific research at their base on Masoko pwani
  • Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiative, MCDI promotes forest conservation in South-EasternTanzania by finding and creating opportunities where local communities benefitfrom sustainably managing their forests. Specifically, we:
    • Promote community-based forest management
    • Facilitate sustainable and long-lasting forest-basedincome generating opportunities for communities; and
    • Raise awareness about the benefits that can comefrom forest conservation and strengthened governance.
MCDI facilitates community-based forest management, helping villages in South-Eastern Tanzania gain access, control and rights over their forests. Once villages have control over their forests, we try to link these communities to opportunities where they can earn significant revenue from sustainably managing their forest resources, such as through our REDD project or by joining our group Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certificate scheme, both of which provide these often isolated and impoverished communities with access to international markets that are willing to pay a premium for sustainable forest management.

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