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Kim Boyce
Born (1961-03-14) March 14, 1961 (age 56)
Title Miss Florida 1983
Beauty pageant titleholder
Miss America 1984

Kim Boyce Koreiba (born March 14, 1961 in Winter Haven, Florida) is an American Christian music singer.[1] She is best known for her 1990s hit By Faith.[2][3] She was Miss Manatee and Miss Florida 1983 and competed at Miss America 1984.[4]

Boyce's hit singles include "Good Enough" (#2 in 1991), "Weapon of Good" (#14 in 1991), "When Love Calls Your Name" (#12 in 1992).[5][6] The song "When Love Calls Your Name", which was a hit 1992 single for Boyce, was written by Tom Snow and Jimmy Scott and originally recorded in 1991 by Cher on the album Love Hurts.

Boyce now resides in the Branson, Missouri, area with her husband, Gary Koreiba. They were both performers at Branson's Pierce Arrow Theater for many years.[citation needed] They have two sons.


  • 1986: Kim Boyce (Myrrh)
  • 1988: Time and Again
  • 1989: Love Is You to Me
  • 1991: This I Know
  • 1992: Facts of Love (Warner), including the single "When Love Calls Your Name"
  • 1994: By Faith
  • 1997: As I Am (Diadem)


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