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Kim Clifford (born 27 January 1961) is a British actress.[1]

At the age of 13 she starred in the BAFTA TV Award winning [2] television play Bar Mitzvah Boy.[1]

She is possibly best known for her role as Sandra Hallam, wife of Sub Officer John Hallam, in London's Burning, whom she played from 1986 to 1997. She also made appearances in other television dramas, including Juliet Bravo, Not the Nine O'Clock News, Alas Smith and Jones and the sitcom Goodnight Sweetheart. She has also made an appearance in Only Fools and Horses in the 1985 episode 'To Hull & Back' as Vicky the barmaid at The Nag's Head.

She is currently married to the artist Lee Galpin and has a daughter Michelle and a son Jack.


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