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Kim D'Eon
Kim D'Eon.jpg
Born Halifax, Nova Scotia
Occupation Journalist

Kimberley Jan "Kim" D'Eon is an award-winning Canadian television personality, best known for her work on Entertainment Tonight Canada, CBC, and Food Network Canada

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, D'Eon attended University of King's College, where she graduated with an honours degree in journalism.[1] She started researching for the Emmy award-winning youth-consumer show Street Cents on CBC Television in 1998.

After researching and producing, Kim took the role of Host on Street Cents from 1999-2003. During her time as host, the show won many awards, including Geminis and an International Emmy. D'Eon continued to contribute her on-air personality and producing talents to many projects with the CBC, including reporting for CBC Newsworld and the award-winning current affairs program Marketplace. She was also an on-air reporter on CBC Newsworld's CBC News: The Hour. In September 2005, she joined Global's Entertainment Tonight Canada during the show's Canadian launch. Kim served as "senior reporter", "fill-in host", as well as a producer for Entertainment Tonight Canada for 7 years. She traveled around the world interviewing celebrities, covering red carpet events, and hosting various ET Canada specials.

Kim joined Food Network Canada as host of Family Cook Off in Spring 2012. Family Cook Off was a fast-paced, friendly home-cooking competition between Canadian families set in front of a live audience in Vancouver, British Columbia.

On June 27, 2012, D'Eon announced live on air that she'd be leaving ET Canada.

She's appeared as an expert contributor on Bell Media's online platform, The Loop.

Kim is now focusing her media career around the issues she feels passionately about, specifically real food and whole health. She is now a registered holistic nutritionist who educates and inspires people to eat and live well.


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