Kim Dae-mun

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Kim Dae-mun
Hangul 김대문
Hanja 金大問
Revised Romanization Gim Dae-mun
McCune–Reischauer Kim Tae-mun

Kim Dae-mun (fl. early 8th century) was a Silla historian. He was the governor of Hansan in 704. According to book 46, biography section of Samguk Sagi, he wrote several books.

  • Tales from Gyerim (계림잡전, Gyerim is an old word for Silla)
  • Records of Hansan( 한산기)
  • Biographies of Monks of the Ancient (고승전)
  • Book of Music (악본)
  • Annals of the Hwarang (Hwarang Segi)

None of these works survive today. A manuscript of Hwarang Segi was found in Gimhae, South Korea in 1980s, but its historical validity is not clear.

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