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Kim Davenport at 2006 Joss Northeast Nine-ball Tour event held at Tourning Stone Casino

Kim Davenport (born November 15, 1955, McAlester, Oklahoma) is an American professional pocket billiards (pool) player, nicknamed "Kimmer".

Early days[edit]

Davenport started playing at age 10.[citation needed]

Professional career[edit]

He became a professional player in 1985.

With a high finish of 5th place at Columbus,[clarification needed] Davenport was the only player in 1998 to place in the money at each of the eight Camel Pro Billiards Series tournaments.

Davenport is an originator of target pool.

Winner of 63 professional tournaments, Davenport has represented the United States as a three-time member and two-time captain of the Team USA at the Mosconi Cup.[1]

He is also a member of the International Pool Tour,[2]

Davenport has only limited vision in his right eye, the result of a golf accident at a local driving range on November 16, 2002. The setback came during a period in which Davenport had regained a spot in the men's top 10 rankings of the United States Professional Poolplayers Association. "I've been playing well", Davenport said. "But if I never get to play pool again, I've had 17 great years. It's just a bad roll. A nice sunny day that went dark." [3]

Kim and wife Aida have one son and two grandchildren. Today, he and American champion Johnny Archer operate a pool room in Marietta, Georgia named the Marietta Billiard Club.


  • 2000 and 2001, U.S. Bar Table Champion
  • 1997 and 1990 Sands Regency Nine-ball Championship
  • 1995 PBT Chalker's Nine-ball Classic
  • 1994 PBT Pro Tour Championship
  • 1990 B.C. Open
  • 1990 Billiards Digest Player of the Year
  • 1990 Brunswick Challenge Cup
  • 1990 PPPA World Nine-ball Champion
  • 1989 McDermott Masters Champion
  • 1988 Japan Cup
  • 1985 Bowling Green Open


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