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Kim Eana
Kim Eana in 2018
Kim Eana in 2018
Background information
Born (1979-04-27) April 27, 1979 (age 42)
OriginSouth Korea
Years active2003–present
LabelsMystic Story
Korean name
Revised RomanizationGim I-na
McCune–ReischauerKim Ina

Kim Eana (Korean: 김이나; born April 27, 1979)[1] is a South Korean lyricist. She is best known for writing the lyrics to hit K-pop songs, including "Abracadabra" performed by Brown Eyed Girls, and "Good Day" performed by IU.[2] She has been active since 2003.[3]


Kim is a songwriter who has written numerous number-one songs on the Korean pop music charts. She has collaborated with Lee Min-soo and has written lyrics for 24K, Son Dam-bi, Shinee, Brown Eyed Girls, IU, VIXX, Exo-CBX, Younha and Sunny Hill.

Kim is a lyricist, and has also participated in the promotional and music video aspects of the careers of the artists she has worked with.[4]

Since 2015, she has hosted Two Yoo Project Sugar Man, a variety show focused on song production. From 2017 to 2018, she also serves as a panelist for reality show Heart Signal.


Kim's work often straddles the line between typical love songs found in popular music and broader tones of social critique or commentary on the entertainment industry.[5] There have been instances when she has offered possible interpretations to her works through social media websites. She said in an interview that her inspirations to write songs are Tablo (from Epik High) and G-Dragon (from Big Bang).[6]


This is the table of songs written and co-written by Kim, which had peaked at number one on the Gaon Music Chart of South Korea.

Artist Song Year
Brown Eyed Girls "L.O.V.E" 2008
"Abracadabra" 2009
"Sign" 2009
"Sixth Sense" 2011
Gain "Irreversible"

(Korean: 돌이킬 수 없는)

"Apple" (feat. Jay Park)
Gain and Jo Kwon "We Fell in Love"
(Korean: 우리 사랑하게 됐어요)
"I Need You" Korean: 니가필요해
IU "Nagging" (feat. Seulong of 2AM)
(Korean: 잔소리)
"Good Day"
(Korean: 좋은 날)
"Only I Didn't Know"
(Korean: 나만 몰랐던 이야기)
"You and I"
(Korean: 너랑 나)
"Every End of the Day" Korean: 하루 끝
"The Red Shoes"
(Korean: 분홍신)
Taeyeon "11:11" 2016
Suzy and Baekhyun "Dream" 2016
Park Hyo-shin
"Shine Your Light"
"Sound Of Winter"[7]

(Korean: 겨울소리)


Other notable works[edit]

Artist Year Song Album KOR


IU 2010 "Not Like This"

Korean: 이게 아닌데

Real 6[8]
2011 "Scary Fairy Tale"

Korean: 잔혹동화

Real+ 2[9]

Korean: 비밀

Last Fantasy 2[10]
"Last Fantasy" 10[10]
2013 "Everybody Has Secrets" (feat. Gain)

Korean: 누구나 비밀은 있다

Modern Times 2[11]
"Modern Times" 6[11]
"Obliviate" 8[11]
"Walk With Me, Girl" (feat. Choi Baek-ho)

Korean: 아이야, 나랑 걷자

"Havana" 10[11]
Exo 2013 "Lucky" XOXO 18[12]
IU and Kim Yuna 2011 Ice Flower

Korean: 얼음꽃

Non-album single 7
Park Hyo-shin 2016 "Home" I Am a Dreamer 2[13]
"The Dreamer (I Am a Dreamer)" 10[13]


Sunny Hill 2011 "Midnight Circus" Midnight Circus 48
2012 "The Grasshopper Song"

Korean: 베짱이 찬가

The Grasshoppers 25
K.Will 2012 "Please Don't..."

Korean: 이러지마 제발

The 3rd Album, Pt. 1 4
2013 "Love Blossom" The 3rd Album, Pt. 2 3
2015 "Growing"

Korean: 꽃이 핀다

RE: 4
Yang Yo-seob and Jung Eun-ji 2012 "Love Day" 'A Cube' For Season # Green 8
Fiestar 2012 "VISTA" Non-album single 57
2013 "Whoo!" (feat. Eric Benét) Non-album single 51
TVXQ 2012 "Destiny" Catch Me 97
Gain 2012 "Tinkerbell"

Korean: 팅커벨

Talk About S. 37

Korean: 그녀를 만나


Korean: 피어나

2014 "Fxxk U" (feat. Bumkey) Truth or Dare 4
2015 "Paradise Lost" Hawwah 3
VIXX 2013 "On and On"

Korean: 다칠 준비가 돼 있어

Non-album single 60
"Hyde" Hyde 23
"Voodoo Doll"

Korean: 저주인형

Voodoo 16
Davichi 2013 "One Person's Story"

Korean: 한 사람 얘기

Mystic Ballad, Pt. 2 26[15]
Younha 2013 "The Real Reason Why We Broke Up"

Korean: 우리가 헤어진 진짜 이유

Just Listen 8[16]
2013 SBS Gayo Daejeon 2013 "You Are A Miracle" Non-album single 24
Lovelyz 2014 "Candy Jelly Love" Girls' Invasion 40
"Goodnight, Like Yesterday"

Korean: 어제처럼 굿나잇

Mamamoo 2014 "Peppermint Chocolate" (썸남썸녀) (with K.Will featuring Wheesung) Hello 10
"Piano Man" Piano Man 41
Mad Clown 2015 "Fire" (feat. Jinsil) Piece of Mine 2
Oh My Girl 2015 "Cupid" Oh My Girl 81
SHINee 2010 "Hello" Hello (Repackage) 7[17]
2016 "If You Love Her" 1 and 1 (Repackage) 3[18]
History (band) 2015 "Dreamer" (narr. IU) Just Now 13
Lim Young-woong 2020 "Trust in Me" Non-album single 11[19]



Title Year Role Ref
Two Yoo Project Sugar Man 2015 (Season 1) Host [20]
2019 (Season 3) [21]
Heart Signal 2017 (Season 1) Host [22]
2018 (Season 2) [22]
2020 (Season 3) [23]
The Fan 2018 Host [24]
Studio Music Hall 2019 (Season 1) Host [25]
2020 (Season 2) [26]
Phantom Singer 2020 (Season 3) Judge [27]
Sing again 2020–present Judge [28]


Network Title Year Role Ref
MBC Kim Eana's Night Letter (김이나의 밤편지) 2019-2020 Host [29]
MBC Kim Eana's Starry Night (김이나의 별이 빛나는 밤에) 2020-present Host [30]

Web shows[edit]

Year Title Network Role Ref.
2021 Ssangssang Invitational Naver TV, YouTube Cast Member [31]


  • Kim, Eana (2015). 김이나의 작사법 [Kim Eana's Songwriting Method] (in Korean). Munhakdongne Publishing Group. ISBN 978-8-9546-3560-8.[32][33]


Year Awards Category Work
2010 The 2nd Melon Music Awards Song Writer Award IU and Im Seulong - "Nagging"
2011 The 1st Gaon Chart Music Awards Lyricist of the Year
2012 The 2nd Gaon Chart Music Awards Lyricist of the Year
2013 The 3rd Gaon Chart Music Awards Lyricist of the Year
2015 The 5th Gaon Chart Music Awards Lyricist of the Year
2021 Korea First Brand Awards: Radio DJ Starry Night Radio


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