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Kim Ja-jeom
Chief State Councillor
In office
1646 – June 22, 1649
Preceded byKim Ryu
Succeeded byYi Gyeong-seok
Left State Councillor
In office
April 3, 1646 – May 12, 1646
Preceded byHong Seo-bong
Succeeded byKim Sang-hyeon
In office
December 29, 1643 – April 10, 1644
Preceded bySim Gi-won
Succeeded bySim Yeol
Right State Councillor
In office
June 21, 1643 – January 14, 1644
Preceded bySim Gi-won
Succeeded byYi Gyeong-yeo
Personal details
DiedJanuary 27, 1652(1652-01-27) (aged 63–64)
Spouse(s)Lady, of the Hwangju Byeon clan
Unnamed woman
Unnamed concubine
ChildrenKim Ryeon (son)
Kim Sik (son)
Kim Jeong (son)
  • Kim Tak (father)
  • Lady, of the Gigye Yu clan (mother)
Korean name
Revised RomanizationGim Jajeom
McCune–ReischauerKim Cha-jŏm
Pen name
Revised RomanizationNakseo
Courtesy name
Revised RomanizationSeongji

Kim Ja-jeom (Korean김자점; Hanja金自點; 1588 – January 27, 1652) was a Korean scholar-official of the Joseon dynasty period and Ming-Qing transition. He was one of the disciples of Seong Hon and came from the Andong Kim clan.

He was Joseon's Chief State Councillor from 1645 to 1650, and was an ancestor of Kim Gu,[1] a famous Korean independence activist.

In 1646, threatened by the return of Im Gyeong-eop to the capital, Kim Ja-jeom paid soldiers to assassinate Im Gyeong-eop.


  • Great-Great-Grandfather
    • Kim Seong-dong (김성동, 金誠童; 1452–1495)
  • Great-Grandfather
    • Kim Eon (김언, 金漹) (1495 - ?)
  • Grandfather
    • Kim Eok-ryeong (김억령, 金億齡) (1529 - ?)
  • Father
    • Kim Tak (김탁, 金琢)
  • Mother
    • Lady Yu of the Gigye Yu clan (기계 유씨); Yu Hong's eldest daughter.
      • Grandfather: Yu Hong (유홍, 兪泓; 1524–1594)
  • Sibling(s)
    • Older brother: Kim Ja-gyeom (김자겸, 金自兼); died young
      • Sister-in-law: Yi Yea-sun (이예순), Lady Yi of the Yeonan Yi clan (연안 이씨, 延安 李氏)
  • Wive(s) and children:
    • Lady Byeon of the Hwangju Byeon clan (황주 변씨)[2] – No issue.
    • Unnamed woman
      • Son - Kim Ryeon (김련, 金鍊) (? - 1651)
      • Son - Kim Sik (김식, 金鉽) (1620–1651)
        • Grandson - Kim Se-ryeong (김세룡, 金世龍) (? - 1651)
      • Son - Kim Jeong (김정, 金鋌; 1631–1651)
    • Unnamed concubine – No issue.

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  3. ^ The daughter of King Injo and Royal Consort Gwi-in of the Okcheon Jo clan

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