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Kim Nekroman
Kim Nekroman live.jpg
Background information
BornCopenhagen, Denmark
GenresPsychobilly, rockabilly, punk rock
InstrumentsVocals, coffin bass, guitar
LabelsHellcat, Epitaph, Intermusic, Record Music, E.S.P., Kick Music, Nervous, Tombstone
Associated actsNekromantix, HorrorPops

Kim Nekroman is the bassist and lead singer for the psychobilly band Nekromantix and the lead guitarist of HorrorPops. He is married to Patricia Day, lead singer and bassist for HorrorPops. He is from Denmark, and worked for the Danish Navy as a submarine radio operator for eight years[1] before beginning his music career.

He plays the upright bass, featuring a custom coffin-shaped bass[2] of his own design. He is also the lead guitarist and performs backing vocals for the psychobilly group led by his wife, the HorrorPops. He is an endorser and user of Gallien-Krueger bass amps.[3]


In 1991 the band toured extensively in Europe, releasing Curse of the Coffin, their second full-length album that same year. The Brought Back to Life LP appeared in 1992, and 4 years later Nekromantix released their fourth disc, Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend. A tour in Japan followed, as well as a 1999 live set for Kick Music. Nekromantix signed with Epitaph for 2002's Return of the Loving Dead, and are still with the label through Dead Girls Don't Cry and 2005's Brought Back to Life Again, the latter of which was actually reissue of an out print 1992 release. Latest release on Hellcat is "Life is a Grave & I Dig it!".


Backing up Nekroman's vocals in '07 were guitarist Troy Destroy and drummer Andy DeMize. However, the current line-up is Adam Guerrero on drums (after the death of Andy DeMize and departure of Lux), Franc on guitar and Nekroman himself on coffin-bass and lead vocals. Rene De La Muerte joined the band in 2018 as the new stand-up drummer.

At the Satanic Stomp in 2008


with Nekromantix[edit]

with HorrorPops[edit]

with Mek & the X-Mas Peks[edit]

  • Mek & the X-Mas Peks



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