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Kim Pieters (born 1959) is a painter, musician and video artist from New Zealand.

Pieters was born in Rotorua, New Zealand, and grew up on the Bombay Hills. She began her career as a visual artist in the early 1980s, holding her first exhibition of photographs and drawings in Wellington in 1981, and her first painting exhibition at the Canterbury Society of Arts Gallery in 1989.[1] After meeting musician Peter Stapleton in Christchurch, the two entered a productive creative partnership which, after a move southward to Dunedin, included the bands Flies Inside The Sun,[2] Dadamah, Doramaar, Rain and Sleep, as well as running the underground music label Metonymic, and the experimental music and film festival Lines of Flight. Pieters currently works as a painter and video artist from her studio on Dunedin's waterfront.


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