Kim Rak-gyom

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Kim Rak-gyom
Chosŏn'gŭl 김락겸
Revised Romanization Gim Nakkyeom
McCune–Reischauer Kim Rakkyŏm

Lt. Gen. Kim Rak-gyom is the head of North Korea's Strategic Rocket Forces.[1][2]

Along with Ju Kyu-chang, he was elected to the Workers Party of Korea's Central Military Commission in April 2012.[3]

He is "the head of the strategic rocket forces"[4] and "in charge of ballistic missile launches".[5]

He was not present at a October 7, 2017 mass rally in Pyongyang and a October 11, 2017 celebration for the anniversary of the Worker’s Party of Korea. According to a South Korean think tank, "There's little chance that Ri and Kim have been dismissed or purged because they've been praised for major achievements recently." and "It's highly likely that they were absent because they'd been given an important assignment."[5]


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