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Kim Renders (January 14, 1955 – July 17, 2018)[1] was a Canadian writer, director, actor and designer,[2] and a founding member of Nightwood Theatre, the oldest professional feminist theatre company in Canada.[3] Renders graduated from University of Ottawa in 1977.[2]

She lived in Kingston, Ontario, where she was the artistic director of Theatre Kingston from 2007-11. She was the artistic director of Chipped Off Performance Collective, a feminist/queer company that collaborates with local artists and community groups to create original performances that speak to the needs and concerns of marginalized Kingstonians.[4][5]

She also managed the TYA troupe Barefoot Players, and was a faculty member of the Queen's University Dan School of Drama and Music.[6] She acted in and directed works at the Factory Theatre, Tarragon Theatre and Nightwood Theatre in Toronto.[2][7]

Her one-woman show Motherhood Madness and the Shape of the Universe was performed across Canada and Britain, and was adapted for CBC Radio; and her other one-woman show Waiting for Michelangelo opened at the Baby Grand Studio in the Grand Theatre Kingston in April 2009.[2]

She was made an Honorary Member of the Association of Canadian Theatre Research for her role as founding member of Nightwood Theatre, and was awarded the Maggie Bassett Award by Theatre Ontario for distinguished service to theatre in Ontario in 1995.[2]


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