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Kim Schraner
Born 1976
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Kim Schraner (born 1976) is a Canadian actress, who starred in the children's spy TV series Spynet, shown in Canada on CBC Television.

Schraner starred in the Showcase soap opera Paradise Falls as the character Jessica Lansing.[1][2][3] She starred in the pilot episode of T.R.A.X.,[2][4] which wasn't picked up as a series. She's had appearances in various TV shows, including PSI Factor, Twice In A Lifetime, The Newsroom, and Due South.[2] She's also appeared in the TV movies Common Ground and The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer.[2]

Early years[edit]

Schraner studied at the classical piano with The Royal Conservatory of Music. She studied ballet through the Royal Academy of Dance programme.

Schraner started modeling for magazines and TV commercials at the age of 14. In 1994 she was seen widely as the "Oxy Girl" in TV ads. While completing her education, she appeared in several stage productions that included Waiting for Godot, Uncle Vanya, Top Girls, As You Like It, The Plague, and others.


Title Years(s) Type Character Description
Saw: The Final Chapter 2010 Movie Palmer The final movie in the Saw series. Shot in 3D.
Testees 2008 TV series Kate A comedy about two 30 something friends whose job is to be test patients for a company called Testico. Schraner plays their friend, Kate, who owns a bar called 'Tears.'
A Dennis the Menace Christmas 2007 Movie Alice Mitchell Dennis Christmas is a Dennis The Menace version of A Christmas Carol where Mr. Wilson plays his own version of Scrooge. While Dennis has problems of his own with the neighborhood bully, he does his best to try to give Mr. Wilson the Christmas Spirit. Dennis causes his usual damage and Mr. Wilson ends up breaking Dennis' spirit. An Angel of Christmas Past Present and Future steps in to help save Christmas for the Mitchells, the Wilsons, and everyone else.
Spynet 2002–2004 TV series Sam am, who is a spy.
See Jane Date 2003 TV movie Dana About a girl's dating life in New York City. The wedding of Dana and Larry(Jamie Elman), serves as a setting for Jane(Charisma Carpenter) to meet potential dates.
Perfect Pie 2002 Movie Cindy Drama about friendship, which was adapted from the play Perfect Pie by Judith Thompson.
All Around the Town 2002 TV movie Laurie Kinmount Schraner plays the starring role in this murder mystery, college student Laurie, who as a past victim of childhood kidnapping and molestation, has since developed a split personality as a result. The story was based on the book of the same name, written by Mary Higgins Clark. For marketing reasons, the much more famous Nastassja Kinski, who played the lesser role in this movie, was given top billing when the movie was released on video.
American Psycho 2 2002 Movie (direct to video) Elizabeth McGuire Horror film about a serial killer, played by Mila Kunis at a University. Her ex-FBI professor is played by William Shatner. Schraner plays the professors assistant.
A Killing Spring 2002 TV movie Kelly Savage Thriller about the murder of a College dean.
Paradise Falls 2001 TV Series Jessica Lansing Weekly soap opera set in Northern Ontario's Cottage Country. Jessica is the fiancée of the Nick Braga.
The Unsaid
(The Ties That Bind)
2001 Movie Chloe Thriller about an adolescent girl and a psychiatrist.
Common Ground 2000 TV movie Suze Three short stories about homosexuality
Harry's Case 2000 TV movie   About an ex-lawyer working as a private investigator.
T.R.A.X. 2000 TV pilot   Standing for "Trace, Research, Analyze and Exterminate", this science fiction show was about a team that hunts down the abnormal and paranormal. Schraner co-starred with Martin Cummins in the pilot for the series, which was not picked by Fox, as hoped by the producers.
The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer 1999 TV movie Shelly Based on true story of escaped fugitive, Ira Einhorn, accused of killing Holly Maddux.
Milgaard 1999 TV movie Peggy Based on true story of David Milgaard, falsely accused of murder.
Summer of the Monkeys 1998 Movie Rose Family drama about a young boy who wants a horse, but finds monkeys instead.
Senior Trip 1995 Movie Caroline Comedy about a student trip to Washington, D.C..
Ultimate Betrayal 1994 TV movie Susan age 15-19 Courtroom drama about incest, and the children who take their abusive father to court over it. Mel Harris played Susan, one of the star characters, as a middle-aged adult. Schraner played Susan as a teenager.
Rapture 1993 TV movie Cheerleader Drama about a computer software designer who becomes obsessed with a woman he's had a crush on since high school.


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