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Kim Song-gun
Born 1945 (age 71–72)
Chonma, North Pyongan, Korea
Nationality North Korean
Education Pyongyang University of Fine Arts
Known for painting, watercolor
Notable work Waves of the Sea Kumgang
Awards 1999: People's Prize for Waves of the Sea Kumgang
Kim Song-gun
Chosŏn'gŭl 김성근
Revised Romanization Gim Seong-geun
McCune–Reischauer Kim Sŏng'gŭn

Kim Song-gun, also Kim Seong-geun (Hangul김성근; born 1945 in Chonma, Korea) is a North Korean painter. He works at the Mansudae Art Studio in Pyongyang.


Kim Jong-il and Vladimir Putin shakes hands in front of Waves of the Sea Kumgang in 2000.

Kim Song-gun is also called "Painter of the Waves" since he mostly paints sea and river sceneries with thunderous waters. Despite a very realistic depiction the paintings carry a subtle kind of modern abstraction achieved through the dramatic presentation of the waves.[1] One of those paintings, Waves of the Sea Kumgang, was noticed internationally due to a photo from Bill Clinton's state visit to North Korea in 2009 showing him sitting next to Kim Jong-il with the large green waves painting in the background.[2]



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