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This is a complete bibliography by American science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson.[1]'



Three Californias[edit]

  1. The Wild Shore (1984)
  2. The Gold Coast (1988)
  3. Pacific Edge (1990)

The Mars trilogy[edit]

  1. Red Mars (1992) - Colonization
  2. Green Mars (1993) - Terraforming
  3. Blue Mars (1996) - Long-term results
  4. The Martians (1999) - Short stories

Science in the Capital series[edit]

  1. Forty Signs of Rain (2004)
  2. Fifty Degrees Below (2005)
  3. Sixty Days and Counting (2007)

Collected and condensed omnibus edition released as Green Earth (2015)[2]


Short story collections[edit]

Short stories[edit]


  • Robinson's doctoral thesis examined The Novels of Philip K. Dick (1984). A hardcover version was published by UMI Research Press.
  • Future Primitive: The New Ecotopias (1994) Edited and wrote introduction of the anthology.
  • Green Planets: Ecology and Science Fiction (Wesleyan University Press) with Marquette University professor Gerry Canavan. Co-edited collection of scholarly essays on the relationship between ecological science, environmentalist politics, and science fiction.
  • State of the World 2013: Is Sustainability Still Possible? published by WorldWatch Institute (2013). Wrote chapter "is it too late?"

As Editor[edit]