Kim Seong-jip

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Kim Seong-jip
Medal record
Men's weightlifting
Representing  South Korea
Olympic Games
Bronze medal – third place 1948 London Middleweight
Bronze medal – third place 1952 Helsinki Middleweight
World Championships
Bronze medal – third place 1947 Philadelphia Middleweight
Asian Games
Gold medal – first place 1954 Manila Light heavyweight
Kim Seong-jip
Hangul 김성집
Hanja 金晟集
Revised Romanization Gim Seongjip
McCune–Reischauer Kim Sŏngjip

Kim Seong-jip (13 January 1919 – 20 February 2016) was a weightlifter from South Korea.[1] He competed for South Korea in the 1948 Summer Olympics held in London in the flyweight event where he finished in third place. Also, he competed for South Korea in the 1952 Summer Olympics, 1956 Summer Olympics where he finished in third and fifth respectively. Seong-jip was the first person to have won the same medal at two successive Summer Olympics for South Korea.


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