Kim Tong-jeong

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Kim Tong-jeong (김통정, 金通精, ?-1273) was a general in Goryeo dynasty.

After Bae Jung-son was killed in Jindo Island by Goryeo-Mongolian allies at 1271, Kim Tong-jeong and a few Sambyeolcho Army escaped Jindo Island and moved to Tamna Island (now Jeju Island). After, he still was opposed to Mongolian Yuan dynasty. In 1273, Korean Goryeo government defeated the rebellion with the aid of Mongolian force, and then he committed suicide.

There are two views about Kim Tong-jeong. In the Goryeo dynasty, he is perceived as a bad general because Goryeosa (History of Goryeo) described that he stole and bothered Tamna. On the contrast, the subjects of Tamna recorded that he was treated like hero.