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Kim Warnick, 2011

Kim Warnick (born April 7, 1959)[1] was co-founder, bassist, and lead vocalist of the Seattle band Fastbacks between 1979 and 2002, and bassist with Visqueen from 2001 until her retirement from performing in 2004.

In March 2010 Kim returned from her retirement when Evan Dando (The Lemonheads) suggested they start a new band with Mikey Davis (Alien Crime Syndicate, Tommy Stinson) and call it Calligraphers. Evan, Kim and Mikey recorded one song, with Kim on bass, Evan on drums and Mikey on guitar, before Evan returned to NYC. The band is now called "Cali Giraffes" and they are planning to put out their album very soon. Cali Giraffes recorded their first full length record at Studio Litho in 2010.[citation needed] Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam) executive produced and Matt Bayles produced/mixed the record. Fin Records, local Seattle label released a 7" and now the band is looking for a label to put out the full length.[citation needed] Kim still plays for the Fastbacks currently as well.

Producer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist Bubba Jones took on working with Kim and Mikey to get the project going. Thane Mitchell, Dain Hudson and Kellie Payne have all taken up positions behind the kit in lieu of Evan Dando, who is currently concentrating on the Lemonheads. Kim and Mikey are currently[when?] tracking at Contactcreate studio north in Snohomish, Washington with Bubba Jones. Thane Mitchell is again taking up the position behind the kit for these sessions. Kim currently resides in Portland, ME.