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Kim Yeon-woo
Kim Yeon-woo.jpg
Kim Yeon-woo in November 2011
Background information
Born (1971-07-22) July 22, 1971 (age 45)
Origin South Korea
Occupation(s) Singer, professor, vocal coach
Instruments Piano, Guitar
Years active 1995–present
Labels Poibos
IO Music/EMI
Adio/Manwaldang Music
Dio Music/LOEN
Notable instruments
Korean name
Hangul 김연우
Revised Romanization Kim Yeon-u
McCune–Reischauer Kim Yŏn-u
Birth name
Hangul 김학철
Revised Romanization Kim Hak-cheol
McCune–Reischauer Kim Hak-ch‘ŏl

Kim Yeon-woo (Hangul김연우; born July 22, 1971) is a South Korean male singer, vocal coach, and professor at Seoul Art College (ko:서울종합예술학교) well known for his ballads, smooth singing voice, and ability to hit high notes.[1][2] Kim recorded a number of hit ballads with the South Korean band, Toy, in the mid 1990s, gathering a sizable cult following. In 2011, Kim achieved more widespread fame and popular recognition in South Korea through his participation on I Am a Singer, along with numerous appearances on variety and entertainment shows.


After completing his military service, Kim Yeon-woo debuted in 1995 by winning the 7th annual Yoo Jae-ha Music Competition.[3] In 1996, Kim Yeon-woo became the featured vocal of You Hee-Yeol's project band Toy. You Hee-Yeol at that time thought Kim Yeon-woo's birth name of Kim Hak-chul didn't really go well with his music, so they decided to change it to Kim Yeon-woo, after the name of a cafe You Hee-Yeol frequented.[4] They would go on to record a number of hits such as Still Beautiful and Remember I Was Next to You.[5]

Since leaving Toy, Kim Yeon-woo has published four solo albums.

In 2010, Kim was noted in the media after he performed in the rain holding an umbrella at a college concert, when reportedly all the other singers quit the concert after it started raining.[6]

In 2011, Kim was a participant in I Am a Singer. Though he was voted off shortly, Kim found more success in two other guest appearances in the contest. He and Kim Kyung Ho were voted second in the duet part of the contest and concert,[7] and during the Australian contest/concert of I Am a Singer, Kim was voted first.[8][9]

In 2015, Kim was once again a participant in I Am a Singer. Though he was voted off shortly, Kim found more success in a guest appearance duet performance with Yangpa and was again voted second in the duet part of the contest. He also appeared on mystery music show King of Mask Singer and was crowned as Mask King for four generations under the stage name CBR Cleopatra.[10]

Personal life[edit]

Kim married the daughter of a president of a Korean corporation in 2010. At the wedding, You Hee-Yeol was the master of ceremonies and Sung Si Kyung was the wedding singer.[11]


Studio albums[edit]

Collaboration(as main vocal) albums[edit]

Toy (ko:토이) albums in which Kim Yeon-woo was featured as the main vocal

  • [1996] Yoo Hee Yeul
  • [1999] A Night In Seoul
  • [2001] Fermata
  • [2001] Toy Live
  • [2008] THANK YOU


  • [2008] 지금 만나러 갑니다 Going to meet you now
  • [2014] 눈물고드름 Melt away (2014, Mystc89/ LOEN Entertainment)
  • [2015] 그리운 노래 아리요 Nostalgic song Ariyo (2014, Mystc89/ CJ E&M)

Mini albums[edit]

  • [2010.01.05] Caring
  • [2014.05.28] MOVE (2014, Mystc89/ LOEN Entertainment)

§ Track listing:[12]

  1. Call Me (feat. 칸토 Kanto)
  2. 해독제 Antidote
  3. Move (feat. 박경 Park Kyung of Block B)
  4. 도레미파솔 Do Re Mi Fa Sol
  5. I Belong 2 U

Digital singles[edit]

Project Friends

  • [2011] I'm Your Friend


Year Genre Name Song
1996 Drama Lover "Lover"
1997 Drama When the salmons return "Next to you", "Only Beautiful Memories"
1997 Drama Into the Storm "You're larger than this world(Rock Ver.)"
2001 Movie Bungee Jumping of their Own "Wow! You're so beautiful"
2002 Drama Ocean of Greed "Everyone is in your heart"
2002 Drama Boys before Flowers "Boys before Flowers(Ballad Ver.)", "Boys before Flowers(Rock Ver.)"
2003 Movie Do you like bears in the spring? "Shy Love"
2004 Drama Oh! Pil Seung And Bong Soon Young "A Lie called Goodbye…", "Epilogue"
2004 Drama Island "Only My Memories"
2004 Animation Greek and Roman Mythology-Olympus Guardians "A story of Gods and Heroes", "Whenever I breathe"
2004 Drama Sweet Buns "The days we laughed"
2005 Drama Preparing for Breakups "Far and Close"
2006 Movie Lost in Love "Love, that common word"
2006 Drama Trace of Love "When you cry when you smile"
2007 Drama Blue Fish "I am You"
2008 Drama Hong Gil Dong "The First"
2008 Drama Chosun Police Season 2 O.S.T Vol.2 "The Road to You"
2010 Drama Bad Man "Sometimes I cry Alone"
2011 Drama Lie to Me "You’re my love"
2011 Drama Brain "Closer"
2013 Drama Nine "Because it's you"
2015 Drama The Producers OST "To Be With You"

Contemporary Christian music[edit]

Year Genre Name Song(s)
2004 CCM Contest Now 2nd Album-Life, Song, Dreams "That Man, that Love"
2006 Jo Hwan-gon 1st Album- To my searching friend "To my searching friend", "Can't give up", "Now", "To the missionary lands", "Who will follow the Lord"

Variety shows[edit]

Year Title Network Notes
2014 Running Man SBS Guest, Ep. 221


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