Kimchi Cheese Smile

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Kimchi Cheese Smile
Kimchi Cheese Smile.jpg
Promotional poster for Kimchi Cheese Smile
Written byPark Hye-ryun
Kim Yoon-hee
Kim Ki-ho
Lee Young-chul
Directed byJeon Jin-soo
Kim Jun-hyeon
StarringShin Goo
Opening theme"Happy Days" by Pratt & McCain
Ending theme"Undefined" by Epik High
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes121
Production location(s)Seoul, South Korea
Running time30 minutes
Original networkMBC
Original releaseJuly 23, 2007 (2007-07-23) –
January 18, 2008 (2008-01-18)

Kimchi Cheese Smile (Korean김치 치즈 스마일; RRKimchi Chiseu Seumail) is a South Korean sitcom revolving around the life of a kimchi-like (having a popular & conservative thought) family headed by Shin Goo who are to be become in-laws with Sunwoo Eun-sook’s cheese-like (rich & stylish class) family. With contrasting classes and family values, the sitcom follows these two families through various events of their lives.[1][2][3][4]


The wife of Eul-dong. Hye young, Byeong jin and Yeon-ji's father. He runs the Smile Photo studio. He wants to make a big living out of his family, but the reality is that he's the lowest rank in the family and the level of granddaughter Woldo. In particular, he has lost all of his investment, thus losing its position in the home. He is full of bravado and often lies. But his lies are always caught.

She is the wife of Shin Goo. She lives very frugally. She does not like her childish daughter-in-law, nor does she like her in-laws who pretend to be noble.

The eldest daughter of Shin goo and Eul dong. She worked as a photographer at a magazine company 10 years ago, but after being fired, she works at a smile photo studio with her father. However, she is popular among the elderly because of its positive and bright personality. She caused a car accident on a rainy day and brought San-Ho home.

  • Lee Byeong Jin as Shin Byeong Jin

He is the son of Shin Goo and the husband of Soo Young. He tries to be nice to his family. He is always a timid figure and is slow in everything. An overly neat character.

  • Yoo Yeon Ji as Shin Yeon Ji

Shin Goo's daughter. She has a pretty but rather a fussy personality. She loves eating delicious food and sometimes argues with Soo Young. Seo Woo's best friend. She has liked Ki-joon for 10 years, but she is devastated when she finds out about the relationship between Ki Joon and Hye Young. Afterward, she becomes Hyunjin's girlfriend. After five years, she returns home with Hyunjin who finished studying abroad as a flight attendant.

The mother-in-law of Byeong Jin. Though she is an elegant and cultured figure outwardly, she is quite the opposite. She likes handsome men. She is always unhappy with his son-in-law, Byeong-jin. She liked Ki-Joon at first but hated him because of constant trouble. Her favorite song is a million roes.

  • Jung Soo Young as Jung Soo Young

Eun-sook's daughter, a wife of Byeong Jin, was a piano major student. She was caught in the relationship with Byeong Jin and almost forced to study abroad. However, she escaped and reported her marriage to Byeong Jin. She may look childish, but he is bright and cute.

  • Park Yoo Sun as Shin Woldo

A daughter of Byeong Jin and Soo Young. She is mature for her age. She is close to her grandfather, Shin Goo. She likes Hyun Jin.

A friend of Byeong Jin. Brother of Hyun Jin. He was just a student who failed the test 10 years ago but is an announcer now. However, he is not popular and is the envy of his fellow announcers. He wants to win public favor. He has a very bad relationship with Eun Sook. After 10 years from 1997, he has moved back to Shin Goo's house, and his love relationship with Hye-Young has developed.

College swimmer. The younger brother of the Ki-joon. Gangho University's swimming team ace. He stays at Shin Goo's house with Ki-Joon. A person who values manners and wants to be treated as an adult. He develops into a love relationship with Yeon-Ji, who always had a quarrel. Despite he was good at swimming, he gives up swimming due to injury and study abroad.

An unidentified man. Because of Hye-young's car accident, he started to live in the Shin Goo's house. He got its name from the mountain tiger(San-horangee In Korean) and became San-ho. He worked as an assistant in the photo studio, but his work was terrible. He is the only one who is good at following Shin Goo, so he was given a great deal of affection from Shin Goo. He loved Hye-Young, but he is eventually rejected. After finding her memory, he reports on what he knows to the police.

  • Jang Ji Woo as Jang Ji Woo

He is a friend and rival of Hyun Jin. He was not originally a swimmer. The person who started swimming by staying and sleeping in the pool room. He is a big eater.

College swimmer. A junior of Hyun Jin. He liked to be pretentious and he liked Yeon Ji for a short time.

  • Choi Kwon as Choi Kwon

He is a friend of Hyun Jin. He is the captain of the swimming team, but his performance as a swimmer seems to be declining. He is hated by Shin Goo but becomes a good and pretty boyfriend of Seo Woo who loves the ugly appearance.

Additional cast members[edit]

He is Eun-sook's driver and bodyguard. A man of mild character. Although Eun-sook thought he liked her, she had a girlfriend.

A friend of Yeon-Ji, a character who has a unique appetite. She has a funny and cheerful personality and becomes a girlfriend of Choi Gwon.

  • Kim Bo-ra as young Shin Yeon-Ji
  • Oh Eun Chan as Shin Wol Sung
  • Lee Ji-Wan as Uhm Ji-Young
  • Park Joo-Yong
  • Park Ji-hoon


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