Kimchi Chronicles

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Kimchi Chronicles
Kimchi Chronicles Logo.jpg
Genre Food travelogue
Directed by Charles Pinsky
Starring Marja Vongerichten
Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Opening theme "Restart the Show"
Composer(s) SOREA
Country of origin  United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) Frappé Inc. (Charles Pinsky)
Eric Rhee
Diana Kang
Jung Sook Park
Sara Park
Marja Vongerichten
Producer(s) Eric Rhee
Location(s) Korea
Running time 30 minutes
Distributor American Public Television
Original network Syndicated to public television
Picture format 1080p
Original release July 2011 – September 2011
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Kimchi Chronicles is an American food program airing on PBS that is part travelogue, part food narrative, and part documentary of self-discovery. Host Marja Vongerichten,[1] a Korean American-Adoptee, explores Korean food and culture, and her unique life story is told throughout the series. In the show, viewers experience Korea through Marja's distinct perspective.

Each episode begins in Korea, where Marja, her husband Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and other special guests[2] travel to different areas of Korea and taste their local foods. Then, they return to New York, where they recreate Korean recipes, specifically tailored for a modern American kitchen. Episodes cover different categories of food, providing a comprehensive overview of Korean food.

The show features acclaimed chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, actress Heather Graham, and actor Hugh Jackman and his wife, actress Deborra-Lee Furness who are also upstairs neighbors in New York City of the Vongerichten family.[3]

The show was sponsored by the Visit Korea Committee, Korean Food Foundation, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.[1]

The production company for the show was Frappé, Inc., which is owned by Charles Pinsky.

Episode list[edit]

Episode Title Location Episode Location Detail Page Episode Summary Original air date
101 "The Kimchi Chronicles Begin" Seoul, New York City Seoul, New York The Kimchi Chronicles Begin is an introduction to the basics of Korean cooking featuring Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness. July 2, 2011
102 "The Rice Chronicles" Seoul, Busan Seoul, Busan The Rice Chronicles explore Korea's most prized staple food with Marja's friend Heather Graham. July 9, 2011
103 "The Jeju Chronicles" Jeju Jeju The Jeju Chronicles explore Jeju Island, the Hawaii of Korea. July 16, 2011
104 "The Seafood Chronicles" Seoul, Sokcho Seoul, Sokcho The Seafood Chronicles dive into the waters surrounding the South Korean peninsula. July 23, 2011
105 "The Bean Chronicles" Seoul, Chodang, Jeonju Seoul, Chodang, Jeonju The Bean Chronicles tap into the history of Korean cooking and culture. July 30, 2011
106 "The Beef Chronicles" Seoul, Andong Seoul, Andong The Beef Chronicles trace the history of beef in Korea along with Heather Graham, Hugh Jackman, and Deborra-Lee Furness. August 6, 2011
107 "The Fish Chronicles" Seoul, Sokcho, Busan Seoul, Sokcho, Busan The Fish Chronicles explore the entire coastlines of Korea with Heather Graham. July 7, 2011
108 "The Seoul Food Chronicles" Seoul Seoul The Seoul Food Chronicles cover the best of Seoul, from late-night drinks to striking fashion and street food. August 20, 2011
109 "The Chicken Chronicles" Chuncheon, Andong Chuncheon, Andong The Chicken Chronicles explore Korea's most beloved chicken dishes all over the country. July 17, 2011
110 "The Noodle and Dumpling Chronicles" Seoul Seoul The Noodle and Dumpling Chronicles cover every favorite noodle and dumpling dish in Korea with plenty of slurping along the way. July 31, 2011
111 "The Pork Chronicles" Seoul Seoul The Pork Chronicles get into the Korean love for everything pig. September 10, 2011
112 "The Street Food Chronicles" Seoul, Sokcho Seoul, Sokcho The Street Food Chronicles explore all of the hugely popular Korean dishes from street carts and stands and dishes are shared with Hugh Jackman. September 17, 2011
113 "The Kimchi Chronicles Conclude" Seoul, Sokcho, Pyeongchang Seoul, Sokcho, Pyeongchang The Kimchi Chronicles Conclude brings the show full circle and is all about special occasions. September 24, 2011

Other media[edit]

In August 2011, Rodale, Inc. published a hardcover companion cookbook, The Kimchi Chronicles: Korean Cooking for an American Kitchen[4] (ISBN 978-1-60961-127-9), written by Marja Vongerichten with Julia Turshen.

The 13-episode series was released on DVD[5] in October 2011 (ISBN 978-0-615-54426-7).

On October 16, 2012, Marja Vongerichten was a guest speaker at the George Washington University Jack Morton Auditorium, where she presented a humorous lecture about the Kimchi Chronicles, Korean culture, and her bi-racial identity.[6] The Korean Cultural Center, Embassy of the Republic of Korea, organized and sponsored the event.[6]



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