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Kimi Finster
First appearance Rugrats in Paris (2000)
Last appearance All Grown Up!
"Brothers Grimm" (2008)
Voiced by Dionne Quan
Relatives Parents: Hiro Watanabe and Kira Ling Chung
Step-father: Chas
Step-brother: Chuckie
Step-grandparents: Marvin Finster and Shirley Finster

Kimi Watanabe Finster is a fictional character on the animated television series Rugrats and it's spin-off All Grown Up!. She is voiced by actress Dionne Quan [1] and first appeared in Rugrats in Paris in 2000. She is the sister of Chuckie Finster ever since Mr. Finster adopted her; born into a Japanese family, she was the last character to be introduced to the Rugrats main character list when her mother, Kira, married Chas Finster, the father of Chuckie Finster, a regular character on the show. She later appeared in the series All Grown Up!. She appeared in the last two Rugrats films, but did not debut in the first.


Kimi made her debut in the film Rugrats in Paris: The Movie as Kira Finster's little daughter who becomes acquainted with the other babies at a Japanese restaurant and tries to assist Chuckie in getting Reptar, the dinosaur's fictional princess friend for his step-mother by leading the group to the top of a false volcano in the middle of the EuroReptarland amusement park where a clockwork mannequin of the princess stands, but the Rugrats' attempts fail because they are caught by the security guards. She later appeared at the daycare center that the babies wound up partially demolishing while Chuckie was controlling Stu Pickles's gigantic robotic Reptar and accompanied the others to their journey to the cathedral at which Chas Finster's wedding to Coco LaBouche was taking place in order to stop the wedding. Later, her mother Kira married Chas, and they adopted each sibling, thus making them brother and sister. Kimi is shown to have an adventurous personality and loves to explore, sometimes inadvertently endangering herself, but is normally cheerful and giggly. Kimi is also the only one of the babies to be friends with Angelica. She has a stuffed toy named "Superthing" that she loves to play with, and is almost always energetic and playful in personality and mood.

All Grown Up![edit]

In All Grown Up!, set approximately nine years later, Kimi grew up to some extent. Kimi is still adventurous and free spirited and has also grown to be spunky, independent, and more aware of other's feelings. She's very athletic; for example, at a ski resort, while Angelica signed up for spa-like activities, Kimi signed up for "daring" activities like rock climbing and, according to the series, she is a terrible cook, as seen in Dude, where's my horse. She is very creative and excels in arts, and usually applies this to her unconventional wardrobe.

She had a tendency to buck the trend on how she feels about and treats less popular kids, including Z, and never judges people for their appearances. She was also portrayed as being supportive of her best friends Susie (season 1) and Lil (season 2-4) when they were in need. When Susie or Lil have problems, Kimi is usually there to help. However, she is also portrayed as having a tendency to hold grudges. Angelica Pickles could be considered somewhat of an associate, but grudgingly so on Kimi's behalf. Kimi is shown to be a born opportunist, ready to take advantage of any opportunity life offers. A classic example can be found in the episode, "Chuckie's In Love", where she sees a chance to attend a Sulky Boys record signing with Lil by letting Chuckie take over her shift (which, incidentally, falls at the same time as the signing) in exchange for a makeover. Kimi works part-time at the Java Lava, her family's coffee shop, with her brother, Chuckie, her step-father, Chas (who is the owner of the Java Lava), and Betty Deville.


Kimi first has medium length hair that is left loose but with a section in a ponytail. During season 2 and onward, Kimi began to change her hair styles much more. She's not afraid to be expressive with her clothing, going so far as to getting a pink fauxhawk in the episode Bad Kimi which she keeps just for that episode. She dresses in very funky clothing, a mix of punk/glamour rock with a touch of skatergirl. In between seasons 4 and 5, she begins wearing mini-T-shirts that are yellow and jeans, along with sneakers.


Kimi Finster is a Japanese-American. Kimi speaks her native language, Japanese, on All Grown Up very briefly on the episode 'Memoirs of a Finster' when she does a report on her Japanese heritage. It was during the episode that it was revealed her parents are divorced and her birth father still lives in Japan. Kimi is shown to harbor resentment over their distance and lack of contact due to his caring for a newborn daughter and getting remarried but grows to accept his circumstances when Chaz and Chuckie cheer her up.


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