Kimi Hsia

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Kimi Hsia
Hsia Yu-chiao (夏郁喬)

(1984-08-24) 24 August 1984 (age 34)
Other names夏雨喬
Xia Yu-qiao
Shia Yu-chiau
Chiao Chiao
Qiao Qiao
OccupationActress, television host
Years active2000-present
Chinese name

Kimi Hsia Yu-chiao (Chinese: 夏于喬; pinyin: Xià Yúqiáo; born 24 August 1984) is a Taiwanese actress and television host.[1] She is best known for hosting the SET Metro variety shows Delicious Food All Over the World and Stylish Man – The Chef.


Hsia was discovered by producer Wang Wei-chung when she was 15. She participated in the show Guess and won first place in the junior high school beauty contest segment and was signed by Wang's company.[2]

In 2013 she starred, alongside Tony Yang and Lin Mei-hsiu, in the film Zone Pro Site, which topped the Taiwanese box office for four consecutive weeks.[3][4][5] She has also appeared in television series such as The Pawnshop No. 8 (2003), The Queen of SOP (2012), What Is Love (2012), Rock N' Road (2014) and Thirty Something (2015).


Television series[edit]

Year English title Original title Role Network Notes
2001 My Family 我們一家都性福 Star Chinese Channel
2001 Poor Prince 貧窮貴公子 Mei Sui CTS
2001 Marmalade Boy 橘子醬男孩 CTS Cameo
2002 Come To My Place 來我家吧 Tung Li-chia CTV
2002 Spicy Student 麻辣高校生 Ouyang Mingtzu CTV
2002 Online Hero 天下無雙 Mao Mao CTV
2002 Purple Corner 紫色角落 TTV
2003 The Pawnshop No. 8 第8號當舖 Chung Hsiao-chieh Star Chinese Channel
2003 Hi Working Girl Hi 上班女郎 Mei CTV
2004 Eternity: A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂 Xia Xiaoxue CTS / GTV
2004 Magic Ring 愛情魔戒 Peng Hsiao-chun CTS
2005 Small Person 人小鬼大劉羅鍋 Yu Gege various
2005 Horror Fantasies 驚異傳奇-意外的訪客 Hsiao Hsueh Star Chinese Channel
2006 A Game About Love 剪刀石頭布 Yeh To-hsin CTS
2006 Angel 假面天使 Liu Hsi-ling CTS
2007 Wonderful Coffee 兩個門牌一個家 Ho Mei-chih CTV
2009 Mango Dreamer 流漂子 Ke Ling-fen Hakka TV
2011 Ring Ring Bell 真心請按兩次鈴 Jen Tien-hsin CTS / EBC
2012 What Is Love 花是愛 Wu Hsiao-lu TTV
2012 The Queen of SOP S.O.P女王 / 勝女的代價 Li Chia-yi various
2013 Kiss Me Mom! 媽,親一下 Tien Hsin-mei CTV / TVBS
2014 Rock N' Road A咖的路 Lin Wei-chen CTS / TVBS
2015 Aquarius 星座愛情水瓶女 Ke You-rong Formosa TV
2015 Marry Me, or Not? 必娶女人 Hsu Ching-ju CTV / EBC Cameo
2015 Thirty Something 我的30定律 Ho Mei-liang TTV / EBC
2016 In Love – Scent 滾石愛情故事-味道 Miao-miao PTS
2018 Schrodinger's Cat 薛丁格的貓 Chen Hsiao-tieh Formosa Television
2019 Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner 噬罪者 Shen Wen-ching PTS


Year English title Original title Role Notes
2005 Bad Moon 惡月 Amy
2006 Open to Midnight 午夜照相館 Yu
2013 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 明天記得愛上我 Mandy
2013 Zone Pro Site 總鋪師 Chan Hsiao-wan
2014 Endless Nights in Aurora 極光之愛 Yuan Yuan
2015 Just Get Married 結婚禁行曲 Lin Bing-bing Television
2015 Goldfish Mother 金魚媽媽 Lin Chia-yi Television
2017 Turn Around 老師,你會不會回來 Ms. Hsiao-lun
2018 Ai, Ni Xiang Shuo Shen Me 愛,你想說什麼 Short film
2018 The Rope Curse 粽邪 Lin Shu-yi
2019 Nina Wu 灼人秘密 Girl No.3

Variety show[edit]

Year English title Original title Network Notes
2007 Red Dream 台北紅樓夢 CTi Variety Host
2007–2011 Delicious Food All Over the World 美食大三通 SET Metro Host
2008–2017 Stylish Man – The Chef 型男大主廚 SET Metro Host
2009 Treasure Hunter 冒險奇兵 SET Metro Host
2011–2012 iWalker 愛玩客 SET Metro Host
2012 University 大學生了沒 CTi Variety Guest host
2012 Star vs Landlord 明星鬥地主 Tudou Host
2013 Apple E-News 蘋果娛樂一週 Next TV Host
2014 Super Citizen 最強大國民 CTV Guest host

Music video[edit]

Year Artist Song title
2000 Tony Fish "Color Song"
2000 Mayday "Nobody Else In My Heart"
2010 A-do "Fear No More"
2011 Kenji Wu "What I Can Give"
2014 Eric Chou "Come Out Your Way"
2015 Esther Liu "Thank of Myself"
2017 Princess Ai "It's No Big Deal"
2018 Rennie Wang "My Answer"
2019 Matilda Tao "Yin Wei You Ni"
2019 Matilda Tao "Wo Bu Yao Duo Xing Fu"


Year English title Original title
2008 Stand by Me 六義幫
2009 Legitimate Crimes 合法犯罪
2011 Apocalypse of Beijing Theater 京戲啟示錄
2017 Roommate 室友

Songwriting credits[edit]

Year Artist Album Song Notes
2013 Zhao Pengfei Shuí jiā ài mèi "Qiáo jiā huā huā" Lyrics (rap)

Published works[edit]

  • Hsia, Kimi (2007). I'm Hsia Yu-chiao. Taipei: Booker Publications. ISBN 9789867010346.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2011 46th Golden Bell Awards Best Host in an Itinerant Show Delicious Food All Over the World Nominated
Best Host in a Comprehensive Show Stylish Man – The Chef Won
2014 49th Golden Bell Awards Best Host in a Comprehensive Show Stylish Man – The Chef Nominated


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