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Kimmo Lehtonen (born 1967 in Turku) is a Finnish science fiction novelist.[1] He was also a longtime chairman of the Helsinki Science Fiction Society, and still is an active member of the Helsinki fandom scene. He runs the most active science fiction oriented website in Finland, Babek Nabel.

His first novel Timbuktun hetket ("Timbuktu Moments", 1997) was an eerily prescient tale of a Muslim fundamentalist who is bankrolled by a businessman with ulterior motives to create havoc in order to destabilize an Arab nation's government.

His second novel Yli uusien rantojen ("Over new shores", 2000), is a story about collective global trauma after a quick visit by an alien race.

His third novel, LUEMINUT ("README", 2006), published in Finnish under a Creative Commons license, is a European vision of future, an open network of people, ideas and events. The book is inspired by dynamics of Linux, Internet and Open source communities.


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