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Kimmo Wilska (right) interviewing writer Jussi Förbom.

Kimmo Wilska (born 5 August 1956 in Helsinki) is an English-speaking Finnish newscaster. He worked at YLE from 1985 until 2010 in YLE's morning broadcast, and read the English-language news on YLE News.

On 13 August 2010, Wilska was fired after pretending to be caught drinking beer on camera following an alcohol-related news story. The stunt was too much for YLE, and Wilska was immediately fired. Wilska is known to have previously finished the 2009 Christmas newscast wearing a Santa Claus hat. Wilska received much support from viewers after the incident, and the clip of the gag became an Internet meme amongst Finnish YouTube users.[1]

Wilska has also been politically active as one of the early members of the Green League[2] and as a member of the Finnish Cannabis Association.[1]


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