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Kinatay (film).jpg
Film poster
Directed by Brillante Mendoza
Produced by Didier Costet
Ferdinand Lapuz
Roselle Monteverde Teo
Written by Armando Lao
Starring Coco Martin
John Regala
Maria Isabel Lopez
Julio Diaz
Jhong Hilario
Mercedes Cabral
Music by Teresa Barrozo
Cinematography Odyssey Flores
Edited by Kats Serraon
Release dates
  • 17 May 2009 (2009-05-17) (Cannes)
  • 23 September 2009 (2009-09-23) (Philippines)
Running time
105 minutes
Country Philippines
Language Tagalog

Kinatay (English: Butchered, The Execution of P)[2][3] is a 2009 Filipino independent drama film directed by Brillante Mendoza. The story is centered on a criminology student (played by Coco Martin) who accidentally joins a syndicate to make enough money for his family.

The film premiered at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Best Director Award,[1] the first Filipino film to do so.[3] The film was included in the 2009 Cinemalaya Film Festival.


In an ordinary day in a Manila neighborhood, a 20-year-old police academy student Peping (Coco Martin), and his 19-year-old fiancee Cecille (Mercedes Cabral) prepare for their civil wedding. The two travel to the town center, riding a tricycle and a jeepney. News is heard on the radio about a man trying to commit suicide by jumping from a billboard. The jeepney reaches the scene along the highway, wherein news reporters and police tell the worried mother to convince her son to come down. Peping's relatives and friends arrive at the town hall to attend the civil wedding, presided by a judge. After the wedding, the group proceed to dine in a restaurant. As they exit the restaurant, Peping secretly takes the tip from the waiter's platter and hands it to his friend Bong (Ping Medina) who is short of money.

The following day, Peping attends his criminology class until he receives a text message from his friend Abyong (Jhong Hilario) telling them to meet at Luneta Park later that night. Peping accepts, travels to the park and waits there until night.

A male balut vendor in the park collecting money from different people hands his collection bag to Peping, who in turn gives it to Abyong. Abyong informs Peping that Kap (or Vic) (Julio Diaz) has a new lucrative job to offer. Peping spontaneously agrees and both of them ride a van parked nearby. As the van begins to travel, Peping asks Abyong where they are up to, but Abyong offers little details. They stop at a red-light district section of the city. Sarge (John Regala) exits the vehicle and enters a night club.

Scenes of nude girls pole-dancing are shown. Madonna (Maria Isabel Lopez) asks her advance salary from the nightclub manager and hands it to her aunt. Sarge demands a waiter to call for Madonna, and shoves off a familiar prostitute trying to hug him. Madonna approaches Sarge, who informs her Kap wants to see her in the van. They exit the club and ride the van. As Madonna speaks to Kap, ranting about a certain person named Franco who tries to evade her, Sarge and Boy Chico (Lauren Novero) begin restraining her. Madonna fights back but is eventually restrained with duct tape. Madonna weeps and Sarge tells her to shut up. As the van travels along EDSA, a police car in pursuit passes by. The van slows at a traffic scene, with Sarge shoving off a young street-boy knocking on the van's window asking for alms. As the van exits Manila, Kap receives a call from a boss and orders Sarge and Chico to beat Madonna, who becomes unconscious. They enter the North Luzon Expressway with the driver Rommel (Benjie Filomeno) paying the toll. Shortly thereafter, another police car in pursuit is at the van's tail, but the men keep their cool. The police car eventually overtakes them, arresting another driver. The van exits the expressway, entering the outskirts of a rural town in Bulacan. The men have a brief stopover in the middle of a scrubland, where they urinate. As the van continues, it accidentally runs over a stray dog, all of whom except Peping don't seem bothered.

The van reaches an isolated house and parks. Sarge and Chico carry Madonna's body to a basement room, over a white bed. Sarge puts water in a bucket from a nearby bathroom and throws it to Madonna, waking her up in horror. He appears angry as to why she is still alive. As Peping and Abyong wait outside, Kap orders them to buy food and liquor from a nearby store.

Rommel drives Peping and Abyong, who hands over to Peping a gun, which he says is a gift from Kap. Peping puts the gun inside his bag. The van stops at a store near an open bus terminal and the men buy a case of liquor. Rommel tells Peping to buy balut from a nearby vendor. Peping walks past the terminal and buys balut from a woman. He lingers around the area for several minutes, eventually entering a bus bound to depart. He receives a call from his cellphone, though, and he exits the bus, returning to the van.

Upon returning to the house, Peping is commanded by Kap to call for Sarge. Peping obeys and enters the basement room to find Sarge humiliating a stripped Madonna. Sarge then leaves Madonna to Peping as he and the others have a drink outside. Peping sees a photo of Madonna's young son, and decides to help her escape. However, Kap receives a call from the boss, who instructs them to kill Madonna. The men enter the room, with Sarge telling Peping to exit and Chico removing the duct tape around Madonna. Madonna pleads and apologizes to Kap, who doesn't seem to be affected. Kap exits the room and Sarge beats her. Chico insists to have sex with her before killing her, so Sarge accepts. Kap exits the room, sits with Peping, and asks him if he liked the gun. Peping replies that he can use it in school during target shooting classes. Kap tells Peping that Madonna was once beautiful lady but she isn't already. Peping tries to convince him otherwise. Madonna's cries are heard from the outside, and scenes of forced sex are shown between Chico and Madonna.

Kap again tells Peping to call for Sarge. Peping enters the room to see Chico having sex with Madonna, and Abyong tells him to watch. Chico then stops and Sarge commands the men to look for a sharp bolo knife. Chico finds one in the kitchen and heads to the room. Rommel and Abyong restrain her. Sarge orders Chico to kill Madonna, who begs for her life. Chico stabs Madonna twice in the torso, killing her, then begins chopping off her leg. To his horror, Peping stands helplessly watching as the men dismember the other limbs. Sarge asks Abyong for a sack. Peping hands one to Abyong, who tells him to look for more. Sarge, annoyed about the blunt bolo knife, asks the men to look for any kind of sharp knife. Abyong finds in the kitchen a large kitchen knife and hands it to Sarge, who continues the dismemberment. Sarge then takes off his bloody shirt, washes his hair and body in the nearby bathroom, and changes to a clean white polo shirt. Abyong and Peping clean the room of blood and collect the bedsheets into another sack. Abyong tells Peping to help carry the dismembered body parts to the van. The men enter the van and the van departs.

As dawn draws near, the men indiscriminately toss out the body parts out of the window. Chico rants about being hungry. Sarge offers him a dismembered arm in jest, then throws it out in the roadside, as Peping looks at the men in disgust. Upon reaching a bridge, they dispose of the torso down the river. They finally throw the head at a neighborhood's garbage dump. They reach a local eatery, and order food. Peping enters the eatery's bathroom and vomits, looking at himself in the mirror. He then returns to his seat and Abyong tells him his food is getting cold, but Peping says he had lost his appetite. He asks Kap, who is seated beside him, if he can already leave. Kap says that was just the first, agrees and hands over to him some money for his baby's milk.

A local news reporter is later shown interviewing residents about the dismembered head of a woman in a garbage dump. Peping rides a taxi bound for home and falls asleep, until a loud burst awakens him. The taxi driver rants about a flat tire. Peping checks his gun inside his bag and later exits the taxi waiting for another vehicle. The taxi driver eventually replaces the flat tire with a spare and calls for Peping, who reluctantly accepts. The final scene shows Cecille at home carrying her baby while cooking breakfast.


The film garnered a 71% approval rating according to Rotten Tomatoes.[2] Quentin Tarantino is a fan of the film and commended Mendoza in a personal letter, writing: "Your decission (sic) to never dramatize the murder, never indulge in movie suspense.... was bold, daring, and to me, the whole point of making the movie in the first place."[4] On the other hand, film critic Roger Ebert has been one of the film's more notable detractors, writing: "Here is a film that forces me to apologize to Vincent Gallo for calling The Brown Bunny the worst film in the history of the Cannes Film Festival."[5][6]



  • Gawad Tanglaw (2009)[14]
    • Best Supporting Actress (Ma. Isabel Lopez) - winner
    • Presidential Jury Award for Excellence in Acting (Coco Martin) - winner


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