Kinburn Peninsula

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Kinburn Peninsula
Native name: Кінбурнський півострів
Kinburn map ukr.png
Coordinates 46°30′27″N 31°46′44″E / 46.507555°N 31.778783°E / 46.507555; 31.778783Coordinates: 46°30′27″N 31°46′44″E / 46.507555°N 31.778783°E / 46.507555; 31.778783
Length 40 km (25 mi)[1]
Width 10 km (6 mi)
Oblast Mykolaiv
Oblast Kherson
Largest settlement village Heroiske, Hola Prystan Raion
Population 1,450

Kinburn Peninsula (Ukrainian: Кінбурнський півострів, Kinburns'kii pivostriv) is a peninsula in Southern Ukraine that separates Dnieper-Bug Estuary from Black Sea. Administratively the peninsula is divided between two regions each represented by one rural community Pokrovske (Mykolaiv Oblast) and Heroiske (Kherson Oblast).

The western tip of the peninsula extends into the Kinburn Foreland (spit).

To the south are located couple of islands Dovhyi and Kruhlyi, both are administratively belong to Ochakiv Raion, Mykolaiv Oblast.[2]


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