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Coordinates: 46°33′31″N 31°31′40″E / 46.55861°N 31.52778°E / 46.55861; 31.52778

Kínburn Foreland or Kinburn Spit – a spit in Ochakiv Raion (district) of Mykolaiv Oblast at the Black Sea in Ukraine. It occupies the western part of the Kinburn peninsula, being its natural extension stretching west into the Black Sea between the Dnieper-Buh estuary and the Bay of Yahorlyk. Its length is about 40 km, width – 8–10 km. In southern Ukraine, the Kinburn Foreland is often mistaken for being the entirety of the Kinburn Peninsula, of which it appears to be a part.

Regional Landscape Park[edit]

The Regional Landscape Park of Kinburn Foreland was created by a decision of the Mykolayiv Regional Council on a territory of 17,890 hectares, of which 5,631 ha is covered with water.[1]

Park purposes:

Conservation of biological and landscape diversity
Organized citizens' activity
Cultural and educational activities
Local needs

Responsibility for compliance with environmental legislation, planning and development of the territory are assigned to the administration of the park which is located in Ochakov.

Flora and fauna[edit]

Kinburn foreland is a unique natural complex of Lower-Dnipro sands consisting of mosaics of sandy steppes, various wetlands and artificial pine plantations. The protected feather contributes to a major vegetation area at the foreland in a combination of lush herbaceous vegetation with a pine and oak forest. In the eastern part, swamps can be found.

At the foreland a significant number of endemic, rare and endangered species of protected plants are observed. About 60 species found here are stated in the Ukrainian Red List.[2] More than 15 representatives of the fauna are endemic to the region.[3] Along with that, Kinburn foreland is a part of the natural migration routes of many species of birds, their place of concentration, nesting, wintering. Yagorlitsky bay with islands, forelands and inland lakes is attributed to wetlands of international importance.[4]


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