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Kindai Eiga Kyokai (近代映画協会 Kindai Eiga Kyōkai?) is an independent film company of Japan. Its name in English means "Modern Film Association". It was formed in 1950 by directors Kozaburo Yoshimura and Kaneto Shindo and actor Taiji Tonoyama, and went on to produce most of Shindo's films, such as The Naked Island and Onibaba.[1]


The company was formed in 1950 when Kozaburo Yoshimura and Kaneto Shindo decided to leave the Shochiku production company. It was formed together with actor Taiji Tonoyama.

By 1960, the film company was almost bankrupt. With little money left, Shindo decided to make one last film, The Naked Island. This was a hit abroad, winning a prize at the Moscow Film Festival, and the money earned by signing foreign distribution rights was enough to keep the company afloat.[2]

Throughout its history, the company was never highly profitable, with profits being reinvested into making more films.[3]


Date Title
1960 The Naked Island
1962 Ningen
1964 Onibaba
1968 Kuroneko
1999 Will to Live
2000 By Player
2003 Owl
2010 Postcard


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