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A typical Kinder Happy Hippo

Kinder Happy Hippo is a cookie/candy made by the Italian chocolate and confectionery company Ferrero SpA.


The candy itself consists of a wafer biscuit, shaped like a hippopotamus. Inside are two flavors of icings. In the original, one is milk flavoured and the other is hazelnut flavoured. In the cocoa flavour, the hazelnut has been replaced by chocolate paste. The bottom of the wafer is dipped in a frosting/meringue mixture and is crumbly.

Happy Hippo were made famous by a popular commercial where a hippo sang The Lion Sleeps Tonight while a dog tried to distract him/catch his attention by dancing to the music in increasingly funny and bizarre ways.

The original light blue and still used Happy Hippo characters were created by the French designer André Roche for Ferrero chocolates in 1987 and became famous worldwide mostly through their repeated appearances in the "Kinder Surprise" chocolate egg, one of them 2002 in an authorized parody (named "Hipperium") of the George Lucas' "Star Wars"-trilogy, 2009 in a Europewide campaign presenting a casting contest under the name "Happy Hippo Talent Show".

The Happy Hippo book series made its debut on August 15, 2009 which was published by Brandon Baume and Joel Robison. The Second book of the series Happy Hippo's Halloween, was released on September 7, 2009, and the third book in the series, Happy Hippo Saves Christmas, was released on November 20, 2009.


Kinder Happy Hippos can be purchased in parts of the United States (Mainly throughout New York City due to strong influence of internationalism and globalism in the World), Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Israel, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Hungary, Romania, Cyprus, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Chile, and Brazil. In Latvia, they are mostly available in the supermarket Sky. In Australia, Kinder Happy Hippos started appearing in petrol stations and supermarket chains and have become more popular since, developing a slightly cult-like following amongst some adults. As of 14 October 2009, Happy Hippos were discontinued in Australia.

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