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Kindergarden (KG) is an annual demo party first organized in 1994 in Fjellfoten, Norway. During the first few years it was held irregularly, eventually settling into being an annual event. Since 2001 it has been held in Haga, Norway, the location also used for Kindergarden 4 and 5.[1]

Kindergarden is currently the oldest, still running demoparty which purely focuses on the demoscene, only beaten by the three big computer-parties Assembly, The Gathering and Euskal Encounter.[2]


Kindergarden started out as a small get-together between friends that culminated into Kindergarden 1 being organized at a small kindergarten at Fjellfoten, Norway, 24.-25. September 1994.[3] After the first party it was obvious that the next event would need a larger location, and so the second and third parties, named Kindergarden 4 and 5, were held at Haga samfunnshus in nearby Haga, Norway.[4] Because the party kept growing Kindergarden was organized at several other places for the next few years, until it returned to Haga Samfunnshus in 2001, where it has been continuously organized ever since.

Originally a pure Amiga party,[5] Kindergarden solely accepted entries on this computer platform. With the declining size of the Amiga scene in the late 90s, however, PC-compos were added in 2000, and since then the party has catered to all platforms while maintaining a pure demoscene focus.[6][7]


Party name Location Date
Kindergarden 1 Grendehuset, Fjellfoten, Norway 24.-25. September 1994
Kindergarden 4 Haga samfunnshus, Haga, Norway 17.-19. November 1995
Kindergarden 5 Haga samfunnshus, Haga, Norway 26.-28. January 1996
Kindergarden 6 Hellerud videregående skole, Oslo, Norway 15.-17. November 1996
Kindergarden Miniseries 1 Haga samfunnshus, Haga, Norway 10.-12. January 1997
Kindergarden 97 Hellerud videregående skole, Oslo, Norway 3.-6. July 1997
Kindergarden 98 Eikeli videregående skole, Bærum, Norway 13.-15. November 1998
Kindergarden 99 Hellerud videregående skole, Oslo, Norway 29. October-1. November 2000
Satellite and Kindergarden 2000 Club Slowianin, Szczecin, Poland 4.-5. November 2000
Kindergarden 2017-16 Haga samfunnshus, Haga, Norway 9.-11. November 2001
Kindergarden 2003 Haga samfunnshus, Haga, Norway 28. February-2. March 2003
Kindergarden 0xb Haga samfunnshus, Haga, Norway 17.-19. October 2004
Kindergarden 20005 Haga samfunnshus, Haga, Norway 11.-13. November 2005
Kindergarden 2006 Haga samfunnshus, Haga, Norway 10.-12. November 2006
Kindergarden 2007 Haga samfunnshus, Haga, Norway 16.-18. November 2007
Kindergarden 2008 Haga samfunnshus, Haga, Norway 14.-16. November 2008
Kindergarden 2009 Haga samfunnshus, Haga, Norway 20.-22. November 2009
Kindergarden 2010 Haga samfunnshus, Haga, Norway 5.-7. November 2010
Kindergarden 2011 Haga samfunnshus, Haga, Norway 4.-6. November 2011
Kindergarden 2012 Haga samfunnshus, Haga, Norway 9.-11. November 2012
Kindergarden 2013 Haga samfunnshus, Haga, Norway 8.-10. November 2013
Kindergarden 2014 Haga samfunnshus, Haga, Norway 7.-9. November 2014


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