Kindertransport – The Arrival

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Kindertransport – The Arrival
The sculpture in 2011
Kindertransport – The Arrival is located in Greater London
Kindertransport – The Arrival
Kindertransport – The Arrival
Location in London
ArtistFrank Meisler
LocationLondon, United Kingdom
Coordinates51°31′03″N 0°04′57″W / 51.517586°N 0.082563°W / 51.517586; -0.082563Coordinates: 51°31′03″N 0°04′57″W / 51.517586°N 0.082563°W / 51.517586; -0.082563

Kindertransport – The Arrival is an outdoor bronze memorial sculpture by Frank Meisler, located in the forecourt of Liverpool Street station in London, United Kingdom.[1] It commemorates the 10,000 orphaned Jewish children who escaped Nazi persecution and arrived at the station during 1938–1939. [2] The memorial was installed in September 2006, replacing Flor Kent's bronze Für Das Kind (For the Child), which was installed in 2003.[3][4] It was commissioned by World Jewish Relief and the Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR).

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