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Kindzadza, real name Lev Greshilov (Russian: Лев Грешилов), is a dark psytrance music producer based in Moscow, Russia. His stage name is derived from the title of the popular Soviet movie Kin-dza-dza! He is currently booked with the Osom Music record label.

Music groups[edit]

He belongs to the reputed OSOM Music group which are known for producing high class psychedelic classic world hits. Kindzadza has personallyed played in front of 160,000 fans in SoundBoom 2012 and is working now on new release.


  • Kindzadza — Waves From Outer Space (Parvati Records) (2004)
  • Kindzadza And Friends — 13 Dimension Connection (Insomnia Records) (2005)
  • Kindzadza — Waves From Inner Space (Osom Music) (2007)
  • Kindzadza — Insoluble (2010)
  • Kindzadza - Nano Ninja (Osom Music) (2012)
  • Kindzadza - I`d like You to be a Mind Reader (Osom Music) (2016)

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