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KineticGlue Online Communities Private Limited
Private start-up
IndustrySocial Networking
Computer software
Social software
Collaboration software
Founded2008 (2008)
Key people
Vivek Paul, Founder
Meeta Malhotra, Co-founder
Srinivas Seshadhri, COO, co-founder
ServicesEnterprise Collaboration consulting

KineticGlue is an enterprise social software. It is a private, social network for employees of an organization to collaborate on their day-to-day work. Apart from the social collaboration formats such as microblogs, blogs and discussions, KineticGlue also provides tools for formal, structural collaboration such as project and document management.

It is primarily offered as a SaaS (software as a service) application. Access to a KineticGlue network is locked to the email domains of an organization, making the network thus private and secure.

KineticGlue is the flagship product of KineticGlue Online Communities Private Limited, a company based out of Bangalore, India. A December 2010 article in Entrepreneur[1] reported that KineticGlue is used by 600 enterprises in India on a trial or subscription basis.


KineticGlue was started in September 2008 by Vivek Paul, ex-CEO of Wipro and Meeta Malhotra, a marketing and branding professional. According to Vivek Paul,[1] they ‘spent the summer and fall of 2008 just studying the market and conceptualizing the thought'. They built the initial, core development teams with engineers from Wipro and Neev Technologies.

In December 2010, KineticGlue announced its acquisition of Injoos, a Bangalore-based company building social media tools for the enterprise.[2] The company was acquired by BMC Software in June 2013 for an undisclosed amount.[3]


KineticGlue offers enterprise collaboration features for people, informal collaboration, structured collaboration, integration and multi-modal access, as well as several security and administration features.

Awards and nominations[edit]

In the 7 June 2011 NASSCOM EmergeOut Conclave,[4] KineticGlue was chosen as one of the Top 8 SaaS Applications from India,[5] by a panel from Sequoia Capital, Frost & Sullivan and SAP.[6]


KineticGlue provides a free basic version of its social platform. Users can upgrade to the premium version, which is charged on a subscription basis.


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