Kinetic PreProcessor

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Developer(s) Adrian Sandu
Stable release
2.2.3 / November 2012
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Technical computing
License GPL
Website [1]

The Kinetic PreProcessor (KPP) is an open-source software tool used in atmospheric chemistry. Taking a set of chemical reactions and their rate coefficients as input, KPP generates Fortran 90, FORTRAN 77, C, or Matlab code of the resulting ordinary differential equations (ODEs). Solving the ODEs allows the temporal integration of the kinetic system. Efficiency is obtained by exploiting the sparsity structures of the Jacobian and of the Hessian. A comprehensive suite of stiff numerical integrators is also provided. Moreover, KPP can be used to generate the tangent linear model, as well as the continuous and discrete adjoint models of the chemical system.

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