Kinetic Void

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Kinetic Void
Kinetic Void steam logo.png
Developer(s) Badland Studio
Publisher(s) Badland Studio
Director(s) Sean Pollman
Designer(s) Sean Pollman
Programmer(s) Matthew Hardy
Artist(s) Kevin Czajkowski
Fernando Pires
Composer(s) Artem Bank
Engine Unity
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux
Release November 21, 2014
Genre(s) sandbox Space trading and combat simulator
Mode(s) Single player

Kinetic Void is a sandbox space trading and combat simulator video game by developer Badland Studio, which was released on November 21, 2014.[1][2] The developers claimed that when finished, Kinetic Void would let players take on the role of a space pilot trying to earn a living in the conflict between rival factions in a randomly generated galaxy,[3] but in 2014 Art as Games called it "hollow, unfinished, and now abandoned by the developer" and used it as an example of a Steam Early Access game that promised far more than it could deliver.[4]

The game was successfully funded by Kickstarter on May 30, 2012. The developers reached their goal of $60,000 in the last 8 hours, with a total of $66,528 pledged.[5][6]

Kinetic Void was released via Greenlight on Steam on November 30, 2012.[7][8] The first alpha was distributed on Steam for Windows on 20 March 2013.[9] The alpha for Mac and Linux went live on 25 April 2013.[10]


Full development started shortly after the success of the Kickstarter, but Sean Pollman and Matthew Hardy started working on the back end of the game several months earlier.[11] About four months before the kickstarter, a user of the SomethingAwful forum named SigmaX joined the team as the art director. Shortly afterwards Kevin Czajkowski joined as a 3D artist. SigmaX departed as the new studio he was working for had a non-compete contract. About a month after the success of the Kickstarter, Fernando Pires joined the team as a texture and visual effects artist.[citation needed]

Critical reception[edit]

Following full commercial release, Kinetic Void was critically panned by Steam users and games media sources alike.[12]

More recent reviews on Steam indicate a lack of content and general dissatisfaction.


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