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Kinfocenter Screenshot.png
Screenshot of KInfoCenter
Developer(s) KDE
Operating system Unix-like
Platform KDE Platform
License GNU General Public License

KInfoCenter is a utility in KDE that provides information about the user's system.

Before KDE 3.1 it was integrated with the control center. Most of the options were originally designed for Linux, but many have been ported to other operating systems. It also provides useful information about KDE, such as available KIO slaves.

Information provided[edit]

The information provided by KInfoCenter is divided into the following subsections provided by various KCM plugins:

  • Devices
  • DMA-Channels
  • Interrupts
  • IO-Ports
  • Memory
  • Network Interfaces
  • OpenGL
  • Partitions
  • PCI
  • Processor
  • Protocols
  • Samba Status
  • SCSI
  • Storage Devices
  • USB Devices
  • X-Server

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